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Hello again,

                     Firstly I apologise that this is coming out so late on a Friday but many of you are waiting on my replies so I got them together.

I was expecting a big response to by last email about but not that big!

That's good, it means people see the value in the passive income products and the business. 👍

I am still building out my Getalife App and TBE will be one of the passive income streams recommended. It's vital that I can recommend safe options for my app users and Newsletter readers and is one I have carefully chosen.

Regarding Your Questions

The best thing to do is register, it is completely free HERE.

I was going to answer the questions for those who registered but, many of you want the answers BEFORE you register, so here goes.

Q. How much can I start with?

A. You can begin with a virtual minter for €110, a hardware minter for €220 or a phone for €770. (Add €29 for the yearly membership fee).

The largest licence is €1.1M. You can start with the smallest one, see how it works and then buy more if you like. I'm starting with an €11k licence because I'm comfortable based on my own risk appetite and experience.

In short, don't ever put yourself under pressure. Earning passive income is supposed to be enjoyable. 😁

Q. Are there any other costs?

A. Yes, you then need to add collateral/clfi coins to the machine to make them work. (Add the petrol if you like).

You can add up to 2x the value of the minter/hardware/phone. You get all these coins back at the end of the 12 or 24-month term. Longer term = bigger rewards.

With a €110 licence, you can add up to €220 of clfi, €11,000 you can add up to €22,000 of Clfi etc.

Q. What is the "return"?

A. You get 8x the value of your collateral if you do it before the end of this month and lock for 24 months. (Every two weeks the multiplier reduces slightly).

Rewards are paid back daily over 1080 days. You can withdraw and turn them into BTC/USD/Eur/GBP etc.

An Example:

I will use myself as an example buying the 11k licence before the 30th and getting the 8x (I also get a phone + hardware device and other benefits but let's focus on the minting).

*I buy an €11,000 licence.

*I buy €22,000 of Clfi, load them to my licence and lock them for 24 months.

*I start getting my daily rewards and can do what I like with them.

*I get the Clfi back at the end of 24 months. (They may have gone up/down in value)

Here Is The Calculation 

You can do the same calculation with €110 or €1100 etc. The company are going to add a calculator to the website too I believe, which will be handy.

 8 (the multiplier) divided by 1080 days = 0074, x €22,000 (my collateral) = €162 per day or €4888,88 per month paid in clfi.

*60% I can withdraw and 40% I can use for future licence purchases.

*60% of €4888 is €2933.33 per month plus I get my CLFI back at the end of the term.

In layman's terms, my total outlay is €33,000, and my monthly return is €4888 or €2933.33 depending on my plans for the 40%.

In yet other words. People explain the same thing in many ways. 😁

€2933.33 is 13.3% of €22,000 per month, or 9% of the total €33,000 or 27% of €11,000 as I get the €22,000 back.

The calculation will change depending on how much clfi you load, the later you do it. etc.

If, and it's an if, the Clfi increases in value that's a bonus. I believe, having studied the tokenomics and business plan that it will increase a lot but that's just an educated guess.

You can read more on that at and decide for yourself. I offer no financial advice, I'm just explaining what I'm doing and how it works. 👍

Q. What Commissions can I get for referrals?

A. You can earn up to 15% on direct referrals and the compensation plan pays up to 72% and includes holidays, a villa and other nice rewards.

Note: I earned 10% in insurance, 3% in real estate and less in gold so 15% is a fantastic direct commission when you consider people will be buying hardware, phones and licences up to €1M. I have seen 2 x €110,000 licences sold already this week.

This has the potential to be an extremely viral home-based business when you put everything together. Its regulated, great returns, products people can use and understand. 🙌

Q. Can you help me build the business?

A. Yes, as part of my mentoring I help people build their existing businesses.

If someone doesn't already have an online business I am going to help them build their TBE business and show them how to achieve time freedom.

There won't be much explaining or selling to do because TBE is very much a "let me show you" business.

I can see customers saying something like...

"I got this phone for €770, loaded it with €1400 of crypto coins and it makes me €200 per month, plus I get the €1400 of crypto back after two years.

"See that little box beside the TV, it cost me €440, I put €880 of coins on it and it makes me around €50 per month".

Once people are comfortable with the smaller boxes and phones they will undoubtedly buy bigger ones so great future residual commissions for the introducer too.

The company provide all the daily presentations and support which makes it very low maintenance for me or any business builder.

Further Help

I have been creating a world map website this week where I will be adding my team members' affiliate links to each country.

You can see it at

I will drive traffic to the map and over time I would like to have every country represented in our Get A Life - TBE group.

If you want to claim your country, get started with any licence and send me your link, name and country.

Want To Try A Licence?

EG: For a €110 licence you will need €110 + up to €220 in collateral, (2x) + 29 yearly membership fee. 

If you don't have the whole €220 now you can add it later getting the licence before the 30th of September secures the 8X.

The first step is to register HERE

Next is to register on Lyotrade and get your CLFI - HERE

Lastly watch this short explainer video and follow the steps. HERE

It's like everything in life, might look a bit complicated the first time but once you do it it's simple enough.

Once you do the KYC and open the accounts you will only have to transfer the collateral and that's you done.

 Check out the minters and phones in the video below.

Further Video Tutorials

If you have already registered and need a short explainer video in a certain area we have those too.

I really love this company because I don't need to create anything because it has already been done.

How WeWe Global members can retrieve their Blockchain ID account

How to deposit cFLFi into LFi Back Office

How to fund your LFi wallet

How to buy and deposit clfi

How to purchase in your LFi Back Office

My CloudX explained

How to connect server license to hardware

One-on-one Support

If you have questions I am providing 15-minute discovery calls for anyone who wants help with choosing minting machines, strategies, business building etc.

*As always, none of it is financial advice. I just show people what I do and it's up to them to make their own grown-up decisions.

If you want to speak to me:

Book a time below or send me a WhatsApp message with your questions. +35679095700

If I can't give you the answer, I'll get the answer from one of the management team or country managers.

That's all for today. A pretty long one but I wanted to try and express how good I feel this opportunity is for everyone.



Brian McGinty

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