Subject: RE: Totally Passive Income + a 100x Coin

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Hi again,

               Welcome to the new subscribers this week! 🤝

Lots of new people are coming through now from my books, the app and social media channels! 🙌😊

As my existing readers know, the pillars of the Get A Life project are:

 💰Wealth, 💓Health, ⌚Time and 😊Happiness 

Today I want to show you how you can have all four in one place.

✅ How to make passive income by literally doing nothing! WEALTH + TIME

✅Something that can benefit your health massively. (Working very well for me and my wife!) HEALTH + HAPPINESS

✅ Products that are available in 200+ countries. WEALTH

✅ Established since 2015. (Very unlikely to be short term)

✅ A very low-cost business, UNDER $100, that is available in 200+ countries. WEALTH 

✅ Zero selling if you don't want to, presenting and support are all done for you. TIME

✅ A crypto coin attached with 100X potential. WEALTH

✅ You don't need to know anything about crypto to start or get involved.

✅Anyone of any age in any country can benefit from some part of this.

Find Out More

Watch the short, 3-minute video  for more information.

I have put this under because it is a big part of the Get A Life project in that regard, but it does cover the other areas too. ✅✅✅✅

If you have any questions please get in touch with me.

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Get a Life Car

I've got my "Get A Life"' car out on the road now so that's some great free advertising here in Malta!

I have been asked by some businesses here to speak to their staff too so the project is growing well in many areas.

Everything is coming together well and new content for June will be arriving on the app shortly. I am working on a 52-week course. 😀

If you don't have the App yet you can get it at 

I will have some news for you on The Spacemall tomorrow or Thursday and we are getting close to launching the LTL Program!

If you can't wait for news on those, please get in touch and I will fill you in.

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