Subject: RE: Extension granted until 5th of March plus health update.

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Good day,

                  I hope you had a great end to February!

Just before I start I have some personal info that might be useful to someone.

My wife was 44 yesterday so we spent the day celebrating. She is doing very well after her surgery in December, her energy levels are up and her arthritis pains have stopped so all is good on those fronts.

She even went to the theatre with the kids, (above), without me, which is unheard of!🙏😃

(My regular readers will know she has been sick for 15+ years with M.E. Chronic Fatigue and we have been trying many things to help her)

She started taking Asea water six months ago because it was recommended to us by so many people. It's been around for 10+ years and is backed by a lot of science.

Not entirely sure how it works, something t do with Redox molecules, but it seems to be doing something and that's all we care about after all these years. 😃

If you want to try it out see -> *Don't ask me about the products or business because I know nothing about it. Information is on the website.

It's working for Emma and that's all we know for sure so I wanted to let you know in case it might help you or a family member.

I'll keep you updated on her progress anyway. 👍

Important News For You! - Date Extended

The reason for my update today is something I do know about, and that is Cloud Minting.

Many people were trying to get their minters set up last night before the cut-off and couldn't so the company has extended the 10% per month until the 5th of March.

Try and get it set up before the 4th so if you do have an issue you have some time.

If you have not yet registered for a free cloud minting account yet you should do that anyway. HERE


The company has announced that when they have 10,000 minting units sold in any country they will be opening physical shops to supply the hardware units.

People, like me, will continue to use the cloud option at 8.5% per month but for many, the physical machine will provide a bit more certainty and security in the business.

I have certainty and security because I have been doing it for a year and everything runs like clockwork. The business has been running for three years, customers are happy, the product promotes itself, and doesn't need hype or promises. 😃

Turnover is already exceeding €500M per month, customers are happy and everything is fully regulated which are the main points for me.

The best stat from a passive perspective!  Over 80 people have registered via my link and everyone has sent it up without needing anything more than watching my five-minute video below...

That really is a genuine passive business and if I wasn't busy with my Mentoring I would happily have it as my main activity.

If you are looking for a mostly passive business opportunity I can highly recommend this.

Yes, you have to ask people to watch a presentation or tell them how it works but that's about it. Once they start they don't need you anymore. 😎

Apart from that, your family and friends will probably end up starting cloud-minting themselves or will buy the hardware at some point.

Why would they want it?

They will be able to buy something, plug it in and it will earn them approx 8.5% per month which they can use to pay for electricity, tomatoes, or whatever! 😎

Most importantly it will help them stay ahead of inflation which is a big problem for many at the moment. It is a solution for the times we are in.

My view is that I would rather my friends get them through me than someone else so I am letting them know now.

Get started

Register for Free ->  HERE

*If your country is not there check back every few weeks as more are being opened.

Watch the 5-minute video below I made if you get stuck. Easy! 😃

Keep points to bear in mind.

*Your minting rewards start after ten days.

**You can withdraw them daily or compound them.

***You receive 3.5x back from whatever you buy over approximately 1050 days which is approximately 10% per month, or 8.5% per month after 5th March.

Want to learn more?

Register first HERE

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I already have true time and financial freedom and I'm really enjoying showing other people how easy it can be to do it too.

The best part is doing it through legitimate, legal, reliable, safe, and regulated sources! 😁

Have a wonderful end to your week! I'm off to pick up the kids from school!

Brian McGinty

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