Subject: Quick Cloud Minting Update - 7 Days To Go

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Good day,

                Brian here again from

My kids are off school for half term this week, so I'm out of the office, but I have a couple of time-sensitive pieces of info for you regarding cloud minting. I thought i'd do it while Emma was mixing pancake batter! 😁

The first is that buying €100 and €300 cloud minting packages is now possible worldwide. If you want to test the water and see how it works this is a great option.

If you are still unsure what cloud minting is watch video 1 below where it is explained in one minute.

Some of my readers were also asking me to see an official company document/overview.

You can see it in the back office after you register -> HERE 

or download it before registering, ( I try to please everyone!), HERE

Have a quick look and you will see that CloudMinting is only one part of this huge ecosystem. It just happens to be my favorite part because it's simple, safe, and 100% passive.

I mentor people on how to "get a life" not "get a job" 😂

My second piece of information is that the current rate of 10% per month is being reduced on the 1st of March to around 8.5% per month.

If you want to get a higher return in a shorter time make sure to get started before the end of the month. I won't be sending out any more updates before then to remind everyone. 😃

Last of all, Lyopay/Wewe Global are having a big event in Dubai this week. Keep an eye on their Youtube channels for updates - HERE

Getting Started

Register HERE 

Top up your wallet with the necessary BTC or ETH, choose a minting unit, and let it run. (See video 2 below). If you don't know how to get BTC/ETH easily let me know and I can show you.

EG- Buy with a debit or credit card at Indacoin -> HERE 

Notes: Cloud Minting begins ten days after purchase, you can withdraw daily after that, and remember to check your spam for confirmation emails when you register or request a code. 😉

Cloud Minting isn't the only passive income stream I have but it certainly is the easiest if you want to start making passive income.

It's not important what you start with, just important that you start!

What is could minting? 1-minute video overview! 

Demonstration on how to set up cloud minting

That's all from me for today. If you have any questions reply to this email or WhatsApp me on +35679095700

It's pretty easy to set up but if you need me to, i'm happy to hop on a zoom with you. Just reply with a time that suits you and I'll try to accommodate you. It will only take ten minutes to get you started.

Once you set up the first one you will never need any more help. 😃

Have a great week! Back to making pancakesfor me.


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