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Hello again,

                     Important update today as I am getting closer to revealing the new app I have been working on for the past few months and I want to show you how you can change your life in 90 days. (By Christmas)

I'm going to try and help as many families get financially independent as I can over the next few years and the app will be a big part of achieving that! 😁

I have created several courses, an inbuilt community and much more to help people achieve time freedom and personal happiness.

"You can buy almost anything but you can't buy time"

As part of this process have also now distributed my book worldwide and you can find all the links to get it by ebook, paperback and audible at this link


It really is a manual for success and the reviews it is getting reflect that!

90 Days To Change Your Life

I have spoken to a lot of people over the past week and many seem to have a similar goal which is earning between 2k and 5k extra per month.

My son, CJ, (Caogain), has also come to live with us in Malta as he is in the third year of his degree and was looking for an IT internship.

Which gave me an idea!💡

He does the internship with me, I teach him about blockchain, IT, marketing etc, and he builds a business over the next twelve months which is earning him 2k+ a month before he goes back to university.

I have worked out that in it will take finding around 15-20 customers/partners which is not a lot!

I also think he/you/anyone can do that in 90 days which is by Christmas! If I can help him do it I can help anyone.

He has no experience, few contacts and is starting from zero.

My goal is to help as many of my Newsletter readers as possible do the same thing and get to where they want to be. Let's do it together.

Even for the most sceptical, at €140 to get a licence and one year of the business it's hardly the biggest risk to find out if I'm right.

So do you want to join him/us in this 90-day run?

If you fancy it here's all you need to do: (Should take 15 minutes)

A. Register HERE , open your account and follow the steps on the dashboard.

B. Purchase ANY licence - from €110 + €29 for the membership fee using a card or USDT. (Minimum start is €140/$150/£130 for a cloud virtual minter).

If you can buy the phone or a larger minter do! I spent €33k on mine because it will pay me around 4.8K per month completely passive and I get a phone plus hardware.

Give me a call if you are unsure what to go for and I can explain the options.

C. Open a Lyotrade account HERE

Once you do that contact me on email/Whatsapp and I'll tell you what YOU need to do next. +356 79095700 

What I mean by that is everyone is different, with different budgets, skills, time, commitments etc. I will give you a personally tailored plan to suit you.

Important Notice - You will receive 8x on your minting rewards if you buy your licence before the 30th of September. Get your licence in place before then before it drops to 7X on 1st October.

Let's Put You On The Map 🌍

As soon as you register and get your licence I can put you on the map which I created.

Just send me your referral link and country by email or Whatsapp and I'll add you.

If you find someone in a country that is not open yet you can add them! First come first served.

We have 150+ countries to fill with affiliate links so they can be from your team too!

*USA cannot be added yet but head office is working on it. I will let you know when it is open. When it does I will do a 52-state map for there too.

My support services include:

My usual Newsletters.

Special training Newsletters for business builders

Support through my new app when it goes live.

Telegram app with daily updates, help and advice.

Ongoing support to help you find customers.

Whatsapp support.

Email support.

Live presentations several times a week in several time zones.

Recorded presentations in evergreen webinars.

Extra Bonus - All customers/partners will get free access to my App which would normally be $9.99 per month.

The idea is that ALL a partner in the Get a Life team should have to do is ask people to look at the presentation and give them their registration link.

As soon as we have the phones and hardware in our hands this process will become even easier.

I think the virtual, hardware and phones are going to go viral and we will have a 10,000+ customer base in the next twelve months. They might as well be under you. 😁

The company's aim is to have 100 million customers with at least one device. Let's share in that.

Think about how easy these products are to show people:

"Does your phone make you money every month? No, mine does, let me show you how".


 Check out the minters and phones in the video below.

Further Video Tutorials

If you have already registered and need a short explainer video in a certain area we have those too.

I really love this company because I don't need to create anything because it has already been done.

How WeWe Global members can retrieve their Blockchain ID account

How to deposit cFLFi into LFi Back Office

How to fund your LFi wallet

How to buy and deposit clfi

How to purchase in your LFi Back Office

My CloudX explained

How to connect server license to hardware

One-on-one Support

If you have questions I am providing 15-minute discovery calls for anyone who wants help with choosing minting machines, strategies, business building etc.

*As always, none of it is financial advice. I just show people what I do and it's up to them to make their own grown-up decisions.

If you want to speak to me:

Book a time below or send me a WhatsApp message with your questions. +35679095700

If I can't give you the answer, I'll get the answer from one of the management team or country managers.

That's all for today. A pretty long one but I wanted to try and express how good I feel this opportunity is for everyone.



Brian McGinty

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