Subject: Passive Income Updates - Plus Your Questions Answered

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Good day,

                  I hope you are having a great week! 😃

A few, mainly new subscribers, have written to me asking about the various different income streams/businesses I manage, so let me give you an overview.

I don't talk about them all every week in my Newsletter because I don't want to bore you with something you are not interested in. 😉

You can find anything currently active under the "passive Income" tab at 

Once someone is registered or involved in something, I help them individually via WhatsApp, Zoom or however they prefer. 🤝

Here is a summary of everything I have been doing since 2020:

100% Passive Income:

  •  My Gala nodes are running and I have been getting my 700 Gala coins per day every day since 2019. I bought that node for $4k and it is now worth $100K

  • I have been accumulating 250 CPC coins per day through their staking program every day since 2020. (That program is now closed but I am still getting daily CPC).

  • I have $50k of Miners running with TBE which makes me around $5k per month. (I started with $5k in 2022) (TBE has just completed a merger with three other companies to become Xera).

  • Daily VSC rewards from my Inpersona device/App.

  • The Spacemall - Bought A Store to rent out when it opens.

  • I earn about 12% per year from my Cryptocurrency holdings on Nexo 


 Personal Development:

  • Get A Life App subscriptions. (100% as its my App)

  • Secret of Success subscriptions. (40% of referrals)

  • My Book sales, offline and online, print and digital (60%-100%)

  • Living The Legacy - Product Sales/courses. (40-80%)

Active Business Building For Future Passive Income

Vyvo Inpersona - Currently building a global team.

Living The Legacy - Mentorship Program. I have been working on that since 2022 and it will be launching very very soon. 🌍

Automation Is The Key

I have specifically chosen products that don't take up much of my time and that provide great customer support - so I don't have to.

I have been fortunate that all the companies I have chosen to work with are still in business, and growing, but I put that down to good research, working with decent open people and not listening to hype.

Currently, I am building a Global Team with Inpersona which, by a million miles, is the easiest, most straightforward opportunity to make passive income that I have ever seen. (I've been doing this full-time for 20+ years)

Listening To Your Feedback - Answering Your Questions And Concerns.

I have taken all the feedback you gave me on Vyvo Inpersona and have spent the last few days putting together a video that will hopefully answer all your questions and show you why I think this is such a fantastic opportunity.

I am already helping people grow their Inpersona businesses in 20+ countries from the USA to Germany and Australia, and I know that this will be the biggest organisation I have ever built!

My group could easily turn into millions of people in the next few years.

Watch My Updated Overview

Take a few moments to go to now and have a listen for yourself.

I have embedded the video below too if for some reason you can't open that link.

Does It Make Sense Now?

In very simple terms:  

Inpersona is open in 200 countries and costs $35 for an AppleWatch user to start.

You receive 25% from them simply downloading the App and doing what they normally do.

No subscriptions or autoships or anything.  

There are 120M Apple Watch users 🤯🌍

For the first time in the history of direct sales, the commissions are generated by the person simply being alive. 😲

Securing Your Place - First Mover Advantage

Without going into the details in this newsletter, the people who register on the app earlier get a bigger advantage long term.

In short - I need to put new people somewhere and I am adding them under existing people in my team to help them get started.

Even if you don't want to get involved right away, I recommend registering your App on your phone as soon as you can.

It will cost you nothing and will take you twenty seconds.

You might just thank me for suggesting that you download it in twelve months time. 🤝

It's As Easy As This:

Go to and download it from there.

Use the live chat to get a code from me. (you will need it to activate the app).

If you have any questions on Inpersona or ANY of the projects I am involved in, you can get me on live chat, WhatsApp, zoom or however you prefer.

WhatsApp is the easiest - +356 79095700

or book a call at

That's all for this update and I hope you have a fantastic week, whatever you get up to.



Brian McGinty

Whatsapp +35679095700 

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