Subject: Cloud Minting Update... and a Ford RS Turbo 😮

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Good day,

                 Brian here with some great news that will help you thrive during this so-called "recession".

60% of Fortune 500 companies were started in a "recession" so don't let the "news" affect your thinking! 😉

I also want to tell you about my Escort RS Turbo but I'll leave that until the end! 😁

My regular readers will know that I have been "Cloud Minting" for over a year earning 10%, entirely passively every month.

If you are new: It means I rent out cloud minting equipment, get a contract, invoice, and IP address for the machine and earn from it for three years. After which time the company keeps the machine and they get all future rewards.

A good deal for me for three years and for them as a long-term business.

I am paid daily, (without fail), can withdraw daily and the company is over three years old.

This is not a new business or product and has stood the test of time.

My initial €5000 is up to €17,500 now and paying me €1750 per month. *(You can start with as little as €500 or €100 in Africa/Asia).  

*My main "work", although I wouldn't call it that, is mentoring people. (If you are interested in finding out more about that, the details are at )

Sending Money To Work Is What The Rich Do

Part of my Mentoring is showing people how to put their money to work for them and the safest* way I have found is cloud minting.

*I know about these 4,5, 6% a week "mining" businesses but they are not regulated anywhere, the owners are opaque, to put it mildly, and I don't do blind faith.

That's why I flew to Dubai at my own cost to meet the owners before I even started! (They were more than impressive)

Cloud Minting is something that I do for entirely passive income and something I recommend to everyone because it is compliant, regulated, easy, and consistent.

There is no point in making money or having money unless you are putting it to work for you! Otherwise, it gets eaten by inflation. 😮

How does it work?

Registration is free HERE so please do that and have a look for yourself at the back office.

There are other great products on offer too, I just focus on the cloud minting as it's totally passive*. (Doesn't require referring anyone or logging in all the time).

If you want more detailed information please take a look at this overview and you will understand why I am so confident about this company.

Watch it here ->

For my readers who don't have time to register or watch the presentation here are some written updates.

Cloud Minting at 10% per month is now finishing on the 1st of March. (Extended from 15th Feb).

Currently, you receive 3.5 times your initial money over 1050 days which works out at 10% per month.

EG: You buy a €500 minting package you get €1750. (Paid daily/withdraw daily in BTC)

From 1st March on there will still be a Cloud Minting option but I understand it will be 3.5X over a longer period which works out at approximately 8.5% per month. (Still better than any bank).

If you want to receive the 10% per month in a shorter timeframe make sure to buy your units before 1st March.

Physical Minting Machines/Phones

These are going to be another option for people in a few months' time and this will really take the company mainstream. In my opinion, they already are, with over 500m turnover per month in a crypto winter!

Why physical?

When you do cloud minting you get an IP address for your machine, invoice, and contract and can see it working daily...


There will still be doubters because of the many false dawns and scammers in crypto! (We all know about them).

These physical devices will put an end to any doubt and I am pretty sure will help with regulators.

Personally, I will continue to do my cloud minting but I will also buy some of the physical machines too and show you all how they work.

For anyone running Cloud Minting as their main business, this will explode their income and make it very easy to promote.

Once people see how easy it is to earn money by plugging one of these in they will want one.

*Please note these will not use up energy like BTC miners. This is proof of space, not proof of work. Electricity consumption should be the same as a laptop. 

Watch the video below on the physical minters!

 Getting started

The beauty of Cloud Minting is that you can get it going in a matter of minutes.

Easy as A, B, C! Did you just hear The Jackson Five in your head? 😂

A. Register HERE

B. Watch the video below which shows you how to buy the units.

C. Turn your daily rewards into BTC and withdraw daily or compound them as I do*.

*I believe the price of BTC will grow, as is being proven, and so I get to buy more units faster. I turn my rewards into BTC daily and take advantage of the growing value of BTC. This is not advice, but is my strategy based on my beliefs about the market.

My 5-minute tutorial on setting up your minting

Why do I compound?

If you don't know what that is, every time I get to €500 in rewards I buy another minting pack.

You can play around with the compound interest calculator yourself. HERE

If you can take a one, two or five-year view on compounding you can make yourself very wealthy over time.

Something Robert Kiyosaki taught me was:

*Rich people plan for five years' time, and poor people plan for the weekend.

I started with 5k, I am at 17.5 now. I can keep compounding at 8.5% and will be at 123k in 24 months. (Which flies in).

I will also take out my initial 5k so will have de-risked completely.

If you want to take your rewards out as BTC every day it should take around twelve months to get your initial funds back. Less if the price of BTC keeps rising. Change it to USD/Euro every day if you think BTC will drop.

The good news is you get to decide with this product, you are in control! 😃

I started compounding my money in various ways in 2013 and will continue to do so in the years ahead. Cloud Minting is the simplest of the methods I use.

**The important thing is to only use an amount that you are comfortable with. 

Passive income should be fun and not stressful. That's why I don't work with any companies which are not fully transparent.

Everything and everyone at Wewe and the parent company, Lyopay is fully transparent.

You can meet the whole team here and track their entire professional lives -

Example of compounding over 24 months

Wewe Global as a Business

I don't need another online business simply because I am enjoying time with my wife and kids. My Mentoring is 5-10 hours per week, I have enough income, I write these newsletters and that's enough at this point in my life.

If I was looking for an online business, then this company would be at the top of my list.

It's already long-term, has passed the three-year mark, has a transparent team including legal, and doesn't require any blind faith in the products.

If you are interested in the business side of it you can earn up to 36% on the minting packages and many partners are earning six figures per month. Real, verified income!

Getting Started in the Business

Register HERE  

Join the next live zoom - HERE  (Enter your name and email, then go to the calendar and choose a presentation that suits you. There are many every week).

The business is relatively easy so you won't need much help but if you do the support and training is excellent.

This is a product-based business. Get the product yourself, see it working, like it, and tell other people about how good it is. Earn lots of commissions. If you don't like it or don't find it easy don't recommend it. Simple.😃

If you have any questions about the products or the business just reply to this email or send me a message on WhatsApp. +35679095700.

So, The Escort RS Turbo!

My regular readers will know that I have been collecting/swapping old cars for many years as a hobby! I believe in work-life balance and cars are my pastime.

Last week I sold the Porsche 914 and picked up this 1988 Escort RS Turbo! (Below).

This may not mean a lot to most people but if you are in your mid-40s, like me, you may have had your young eye on them as a boy, (or even girl). Usually, the girls liked the boys who owned one! 😂

It's super clean, has low mileage, and is a joy to drive so... ✅✅✅

If you want to see more pictures check out my social media channels below where I will be posting some pictures and videos.

Have a wonderful week and please let me know if I can help you with mentoring, minting, or anything else. 😎👍



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