Subject: Passive Income Update Plus A 30x Opportunity.

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Good day,

                 Welcome to all our new subscribers this week. 🤝

There was no update last week as I was in Dubai, (Above), with the wonderful teams from CryptoPerformance, The Space Mall and Polyverse.

These are projects I have been involved in since 2019, are winning global awards and are growing stronger each year.

Good people building good, honest projects last!

I am just in the process of creating a new presentation on The Space Mall and will give you a full update on it once I have finished.

Look out for that next week.

Today I want to give you an update on Inpersona!

I have been in direct sales for almost 30 years, full-time for twenty but I have never seen a business convert over 50% of registrations to sales!

These are my personal figures after two months of active building - (part time).

My regular readers will know I am also managing 5+ other income streams, a sick wife, sick kids, two cats and writing my next book. 🤣⏱️

Best of all - none of it feels like work and that for me is a happy life! 😃

Total Invites sent out - 96

Total people registered - 65

Total active customers and builders - 38

Why are the conversions so high?

In short its because people can see its honest and long term and people are fed up with all the fake stuff and starting over all the time.

Apart from that there are:

✅Business Partnerships with Apple, Vechain, Stripe, Apple pay, Google pay etc.

✅Availability in 200+ countries.

✅Start from as little as $135

✅Build online or offline.

✅No negativity around the company or its people.

✅You can promote the business on social media without getting blocked.

✅Takes 5 minutes to set up the business.

✅Easy to explain.

✅High commission levels and brilliant rewards system.

✅Best support I have ever seen from a direct sales company.

✅True passive income.

Plus I am providing landing pages, training etc in our private Telegram group which is free for everyone in my group.

New Video Overview

To help explain these reasons and more I have created a video for you with all the most important information.

Click the image below or go to 

Does It Make Sense Now?

As you can see from that video its a very safe, long term and lucrative business.

Even if you are not interested in the business the health feedback is worth getting alone.

I bought the watch for $149, I use it every day. Mainly for tracking my sleep, blood pressure and steps.

The fact it pays me $5-$10 every day in VSC for wearing it is a bonus.

Just while I am talking about VSC I decided to buy another 80,000 VSC yesterday as the price is still at $0.03.

That brings my total holdings to 156,000 VSC.

VSC Potential

The company has a target of $1 per VSC which I think they will be able to achieve having read the whitepaper and seen all the work going on in the background.

Even if it just goes to $0.06 I have doubled my money on it. Most likely I will keep holding through this bull run, the next winter and into the next bull run. I'll see how it goes.

If you want to get VSC but are not interested in the watches or health data you can do that too inside the App. Just buy the VSC and hold it.

You can purchase from $325 to $3000 using a card or crypto.

The chart below shows what the coins could be worth if the value hits certain levels.

As always I have no crystal ball, and it's not financial advice.  Just do what you are comfortable with, its meant to be fun. 😃

Securing Your Place - First Mover Advantage

Without going into the details in this newsletter, the people who register on the app earlier get a bigger advantage long term.

In short - I need to put new people somewhere and I am adding them under existing people in my team to help them get started.

Even if you don't want to get involved right away, I recommend registering your App on your phone as soon as you can.

It will cost you nothing to register and will take a few seconds.

You might just thank me for suggesting that you download it in twelve months. 🤝

It's As Easy As This:

Go to and download it from there.

Use the live chat to get a code from me. (you will need it to activate the app).

If you have any questions on Inpersona or ANY of the projects I am involved in, you can get me on live chat, WhatsApp, zoom or however you prefer.

WhatsApp is the easiest - +356 79095700

or book a call at

The Get A Life App

If you have not downloaded the Get a Life App yet you can do that for free at 

As promised I have added a new course for February on procrastination and I am working on new content for March.

Please keep sending me your feed back on this newsletter, the passive income options and the app.

I really can't make them better without your honest comments, reviews etc.

If you think something is 💩, tell me. I can change it or get rid of it. Not telling me is the worst outcome of all. 🤫

That's all for this update and I hope you have a fantastic week, whatever you get up to.

I'm going back to watching Coinmarketcap - Its the best show on my phone this week! 🤣🤣



Brian McGinty

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