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Hello again,

                     A big welcome to all my new subscribers this week. I've got a lot of great passive income updates for you today, so let's get straight to it. 😁

These are the four key areas for this update:

  • The LTL Mentorship Program getting underway after an extensive beta phase. (I show you how you can make $750K in one year and $100k per month, passive, in twelve months).

  • Secrets of Success - Last few days to get the free books and 30 days risk free access. (I also show you how to make 100K in one year and $15k per month passive).

  • T.B.E (The Blockchain Era) - The Crypto mining Machines and Phones are being delivered. I got my UPS tracking link today. (I show you how I am already earning $5k+ per month, totally passively, with zero referrals.)

  • My "Get A Life" App is now in testing with Google Play/Apple and should be fully released in the next week or so!

               Anyone Can Run Any Of These Opportunities 

I know you don't have time to watch endless presentations and learn everything so I have created one PowerPoint and short explainer videos for each project.

*If you register and start, I will then give you a generic web page to share should you want to share the business side of things with others.

Basically, that means that if you do want to get involved in referrals, you don't need to talk, explain or sell anything to anyone.

I love talking, I love explaining, I love these projects, so let me do what I am good at and you can focus on asking people to "have a look."

Each project has products I think you should use anyway, even if you have no interest in business building.

"I have never, and will never, promote any product or business I don't enjoy".

Let's look at each opportunity in detail.


Living The Legacy Partner / Mentorship Program

*If you are an existing Partner/Mentor please get in touch so I can give you a personal update and show you how you can get going with the new marketing system.

My regular readers will know I have been working on this project for over a year.

The good news is that we are now at a point where we can start promoting LTL and finding the 38,000 Partners/Mentors we need worldwide.

I have been working with the owner, Andrew, for the past few months to develop a brilliant project which will scale and help many people along the way.

We have created brilliant marketing materials, presentations and much more for our partners to use.

Most importantly we want to create a happy, thriving culture and a family environment for our Partners, Mentors and Customers.

Please watch my presentation below where I show you how it works and how you can make $750k a year with just one new referral per week!

If you like what you see, get in touch if you have any questions. There is no sign up link, you will need to get that from me if you want to register and get started.

Key points - Global business. Minimum to start - $695 / Time per week 3-5 hours - Six-figure potential - Takes a little effort to get going with passive income starting after one month.

Click the image below to learn how you can earn 10K+ per month passive in just a few months with one referral per week.

                                      Secrets Of Success

This project is all about becoming the best version of yourself through education and is based on books and podcasts.

I have been listening to the podcasts in the gym and they are brilliant.

It is a subscription model where customers pay $99 per month and you earn 40% every month from every subscriber. (We show you how to find them too).

The company owner has already paid out over $100M in commissions and you can earn up to 50% on all referrals, passive every month.

You can try Secrets Of Success completely free for one month, but the offer ends on 12th November, so only a few days left.

Click HERE for the free month trial and more information.

I went for the annual deal where I got a load of free books and just paid shipping.

These books are worth a year of subscriptions alone. (One of them cost the CEO $1.5m to buy)

They arrived a couple of days ago and this is what they look like. 👍

Click the image below to watch how you can earn $15K per month with just one customer per week.

Enjoy that? Click HERE to try it free for one month and I'll help you find your one subscriber per week.

Key points - Global business. Minimum to start - FREE / Time per week 3-5 hours - Six-figure potential - Takes a little effort to get going with passive income starting after one month.

T.B.E - The Blockchain Era

TBE is the option which can be passive from day one. Set it up and take your daily rewards after 24 hours. (I take mine in BTC)

This video on the LFI One Minting Phone was released this week.

TBE requires no recruiting, subscribers or anyone for you to earn. The only drawback is that it is not available in The USA yet.

I am involved with several blockchain projects but only one I am recommending at the moment is T.B.E. because I think it provides the best products, support and is easy for anyone to start and manage.

Registration on the T.B.E. website is free HERE

I recommend opening an account as they have many great products from $100 up to $1M virtual minters, phones* and hardware devices for the home.

*I just got my UPS tracking number for my minting phone today, hopefully can show you that in the next week or so.

I use T.B.E. as a way to grow and multiply my income from LTL and SOS and make BTC every day.

It has allowed me to buy BTC every day for the past two years and currently, I am buying over $200 in BTC daily from my rewards.

I made this short video below to explain the concept and how it works.

Click the image below to watch now.

Key points - Open everywhere except USA. Minimum to start - €139 which includes a minter and business licence. / Time per week - Zero once set up! Just a few seconds to withdraw daily income. - Six-figure potential as a business

Register for a free account - HERE 

Get A Life App

I have been working on this app for the past six months, creating worthwhile content which will help people get to where they want to go financially and personally.

I send my newsletters, and people can contact me on Whatsapp but I thought it would be good for people to have an app they can open anytime have everything in one place.

As soon as it is ready for download, I will send you the links. If you have any ideas or suggestions for content you would like to see in it, let me know. 😁

*If you are active in Living The Legacy, Secrets Of Success or T.B.E. you get the Get A Life app for free!


There are thousands of claims from companies out there that you can make passive income from dropshipping, Amazon, Youtube, blogging etc.

I have tried them all! They are really hard work and take skills, time, investment etc.

There are also lots of companies offering 2% a day, 5% a week and all sorts of crazy returns which lure people in.

They get sucked in, and suddenly the company disappears or the goalposts change!

I've been there and done all that and I don't want any of my readers to have to go through any of those learning curves.

I don't have a crystal ball, no, but I can take a look at the people behind LTL who created the "Think and Grow Rich Movie" and see what their future plans are and the millions they are spending.

I can look at the Secrets of Success Owner, Russell Brunson, who is a friend of Tony Robbins and whose company has made hundreds of millions paid out over $100M in ten years.

I can look at the people who run TBE and see they have been operating in the blockchain space for the past four years, their head of legal is the Ex-Justice Minister of a European country and the CEO has a solid long-term business career.

I suppose you can work out from all that is that I believe in giving my time to the right passive income products but only if they have the right people behind them. 😉

You may also be working out that I believe:

 "The most important thing you can invest in is yourself!"

If you take nothing else from this newsletter please understand that if you want anything in your life to get better YOU must get better.

The education inside LTL, SoS and TBE will help you in all aspects of your life and make you money at the same time!

Win win! 💡🤝

I was sitting in a room ten years ago with no money to buy food or pay rent when Bob Proctor told me in a Youtube video to stop thinking about everything I didn't have and write down what I was grateful for.

So I did: I still do it every day!

"I am so happy and grateful now to have my lovely wife Emma, son Caogain and new baby Emily, who was born healthy"

That's where I started and ten years later here we are!

Emily has grown a bit as you can see! We have also added Bryony, Jimmy two cats and a few classic cars to the family. 😂

Growth And Contribution

Once you earn more than you need you WILL start to become unhappy, or discontented at least!

Tony Robbins taught me that and he was right. Very strange but very true when you consider how many miserable millionaires there are. 💡

To stay really happy you need to keep growing and contributing to others.

I keep growing and contributing by writing these newsletters, making my videos, writing my books and sharing what I have learned.

I am active on my different fronts, this Newsletter is only one of them.

You can join me on my socials, below, where I am posting most days. 🙌

I update my main website at regularly.

If you have not got my book yet, you can get it in multiple formats from just $1, at

Even if you are not interested in any of the projects I am doing or just want help with whatever you are doing please get in touch!

It's always good to have a chat. 👍

P.S. I will be at the Global Sigma Event here in Malta next week with the team from Cryptoperformance. (CPC).

I helped found their blockchain business four years ago and will be joining them at this event.

They are now involved in various areas such as banking, gaming, metaverse and have a really fast efficient blockchain.

I have been saving and staking their CPC coin for four years and I think it will really take off in the next bull run. For me, it's a bargain at under ten cents with a relatively small supply under 100M coins! *Not financial advice and I earn nothing if you get some.

This is their website if you want to check them out -

That's all for this update, I hope it has been useful.

Have a great week, whatever you are up to.



Brian McGinty

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