Subject: How to 6x your money - 100% Passive - 5 Minute Set Up

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                     I hope you are enjoying your Friday and looking forward to the weekend! 🎃 A warm welcome to all the new subscribers this week too! 🤝

Just a quick update to answer some of your questions and statements that came in this week on making passive income with

Questions and comments such as:

"Do I need to recruit anyone in TBE?"

"I'd like to earn passive income from TBE but find it a confusing"

"It's okay earning these Clfi coins, but how do you turn them into BTC or cash?"

First of all, TBE requires no recruiting, selling, sponsoring etc, and it is totally passive.

To answer these other questions/statements, I personally made two short videos for you, which you can watch below, inside the newsletter.

I created the first PowerPoint/recording as if I were explaining it to my nine-year-old, Emily. (Above) She got it pretty fast so hopefully you will too.

So, In VERY SIMPLE terms.

A. You buy a machine, physical/delivered or virtual. (Virtual starts at €110. Physical starts at €220, phones are €770 and you can use a card to purchase those).

B. Add some crypto to the machine/phone.

C. You earn "X" times your money back over approximately 1030/60 days. (I am getting 8x on mine, the amount/boost decreases every two weeks, so the sooner you start, the better).

This chart shows you what you would earn if you started with €1000 - We are now on cycle 3, so you would get 6.9X.

Simple Video Description

Think of it like buying an Uber/ Taxi, filling it with fuel and someone else driving it for you. You collect the fares every day.

That's how I explain in the video below.

How do I withdraw and turn these rewards into BTC/Cash?

The first time I did it it took me a few minutes, now it takes me a few seconds.

The first time you, stood up, put on your socks, ties your lace took a few goes! 😂😂

Click the video below to see how easy the process is!*

*Even if you did get stuck, I'm a WhatsApp/email/zoom away. 😉

Get Started In UNDER 5 Minutes!

If you like what you see in the videos, this is all you need to do to get started.

  1. Open a free account -   HERE

  2. Open a Lyotrade account HERE 

  3. If you don't already have a crypto card/account, I've been using Nexo for 5+ years with no problems HERE  *Top up your account with $100 and get $25 in BTC free.

The dashboards are simple enough but, if you need help with anything, I created this page with explainer videos on every step at:

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TBE is totally passive for customers, no recruiting, no selling and no referring is needed.

I log into my account every day or two and withdraw my Clfi.

If I didn't log in it will sit there until I do... Totally passive.

My Strategy

I wanted to earn €5000 a month passive so I have enough minters running now to give me that. (Approx €50k) I started eighteen months ago with a smaller amount I was comfortable with and grew it.

I turn my rewards into BTC every day because I believe BTC is going to rise!

That's my strategy. You must decide yours but make sure it's enjoyable and you don't lose any sleep over it.

I totally enjoy earning 8x on my capital and accumulating approx €200 in BTC every day.

You might just want the cash every day, and that's fine, you have the freedom to choose. 👍

If I have some referrals that just means I can accumulate more Bitcoin faster. ✅😉🙌

If no one in my Newsletter decides to do join TBE it makes no difference to my own minting machines.

TIP. If ANY online business relies on recruiting or focuses on recruiting stay away. The product must be good enough to stand on its own.

As always, if you do want to get started with TBE, I'm going to be here documenting my journey with it so glad to help you if you need it. 🤝

I am updating with passive income opportunities so keep an eye on that too.

Get in touch through that website, by email, WhatsApp, social media etc.

If you want a live, face-to-face chat, I also have slots free on my calendar which you can find below.

Have a great weekend whatever you are up to. The great thing about passive income is you can do whatever you like. 😉



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