Subject:Β Making Passive Income From Your Heartbeat - Here's How

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Hello again,

                     Hope you are having a good Saturday! So much happened this week!

I wanted to get this out to you today so you could review the info over the weekend at your leisure! πŸ“–

Key Points:

*I have been at the big Sigma Gaming/Blockchain event with my friends from Their project is getting bigger and better by the month! πŸ‘

*It was my 46th birthday on Thursday, which I spent on the beach and with the kids! πŸŽ‚πŸ–οΈ

*My LFI One phone arrived which is brilliant! (See picture below) Just as good as my Samsung S23 Ultra, except that it mints crypto every day.

(I'll do a newsletter/Video on that next week, but if you don't want to wait, you can get yours and more info HERE )

*My App should be live on the App Stores in the next few days! πŸ‘πŸ‘

*I'm working through my Secrets Of Success books and courses which are brilliant. πŸ“–

 *The LTL Mentorship Program I have been working on for over a year is going live imminently!

But NONE of that is why I am writing today! 😁

Today, I want to show you how YOU can make passive income from your HEARTBEAT! πŸ’“

And it's available worldwide!! Even the USA! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜―πŸ˜‚


Making Passive Income By Being, And Staying, Alive! πŸ’“

This is how it works.

You probably have a mobile phone which is either Android or Apple. Which we know collects your data and sells it to the highest bidder.

You may even have a smartwatch which also collects your data! (There are 200M+* users in the world!) *See

A well-established medical grade smartwatch maker, (Helo) has partnered up with global medical companies and blockchain company (Inpersona) to pay you for having their watch/band/device on your body.

Hence the need for a heartbeat! πŸ’“

The companies and products have been around for a long time, the blockchain/passive income part has just started so you can get in early!

My project is all about wealth, health, happiness and passive income and this now ticks every box, so I had to investigate. πŸ”Ž

A good friend of mine whose opinion I respect has been tracking this for a long time and he tipped me off about it.

Here's what I found during my own due diligence.

A well-established and well-respected company, CEO etc. βœ…

Products are available globally, including USA! βœ…

The actual devices are excellent. (See image below) βœ…

Product, packaging, and delivery are the best I've ever seen! βœ…

Websites and Apps are excellent. βœ…

Support is attentive, efficient and helpful. (I tried them) βœ…

Payment by card is no problem. βœ…

So simple anyone can buy and set it up. βœ…

Huge potential for anyone to make a large passive income. βœ…

Let me explain how I came to those conclusions:

                       My actual watch - Screenshots from yesterday

How It Works

The best way I can explain this is to relay my own experience.

A. A friend asked me to download the Inpersona App.

You can download it from The Google Play  - HERE 

You can download it from Apple App Store - HERE 

B. He then sent me a code which I inserted into the App and activated it.

C. I then went to the NFT marketplace page in the app and bought the $1249 bundle kit using my debit card.

It is the biggest "kit" and includes 5* watches/bands, a debit card, the top mining pack etc. (I'm an all-in person anyway).

*(I'm giving 4 away to my family so that's Christmas sorted!πŸŽ… ). You could sell them too if you want.

There is also a $249 and $749 kit option under "Healthfi data mining kit", so if the $1249 is too much, you could go for one of those.

There is even a watch/band-only option if you don't want to make income but want a brilliant medical-grade health monitor.

(Watches/bands start at $150 so are not expensive compared to Samsung/Apple).

I paid using my debit card and it took two minutes inside the app so super easy!

You don't need access to a computer for this so a big positive!

Perfect for emerging markets with high phone and low PC usage. 🌍

Everything is delivered in 3 days 

Now for the shocking bits!! 😯

When I placed my order, I got a DHL tracking number within six hours! 😯

The watch and my debit card arrived at my house within two business days with DHL! 😯😯😯

All joking aside, I have just got my LFI phone after several months which is not unusual in crypto projects, and you do need to know a bit about crypto to withdraw your rewards.

Inpersona put everything in a box and delivers it to you in three days. πŸ˜―πŸ‘

It gets better:

The packaging was fantastic, better than Apple/Samsung and linking it to my Helo Smart App took a minute.

The quality of the watch is brilliant, with an extra watch strap, charger etc.

It takes more readings than my old smart watch, that cost me Β£350.

*Sleep, steps, heart rate, blood pressure, Atrial Fibrillation, Oxygen, body temp, stress, Bia checks, air quality, sports readings and more! It even links to my Google Fit or Strava.

All of this data I started getting paid for within 24 hours. 😁

Note. - The data is anonymised over blockchain, so none of my personal details are sent. Just the readings that Apple/Google take anyway.

I can look after my health better than I ever could before, and get paid for it passively. βœ…βœ…βœ…

The Big Cherry on the cake: πŸ’

I received a company debit card I can spend my rewards on. For people who know nothing about Crypto this is a dream.

They don't need to know anything about crypto or blockchain yet they can benefit from it in a simple way that they understand!

  • Everyone knows how to download an app.

  • Everyone knows how to pay online with a card.

  • Everyone knows how to wear a watch/band.

  • Everyone knows how to spend on a debit card.

The speed of the company to deliver, the quality of the product and the ease of use will make this an extremely viral opportunity too for those who decide to promote it.

I hesitate to even say "promote" because telling your friends about a great new watch you bought and an app isn't promoting, it's just conversation.

You then basically get paid a percentage of the data generated by the people you refer.

Think about that! They don't need to buy anything other than the watch/band, they then only need to use the watch/band and you get paid!

How Much Can You Earn?

The company supplies a rewards simulator that I have played with!

I worked out, that with a relatively small number of referrals, you could be earning thousands of dollars per month!

You can

This is so easy to recommend, can benefit everyone's health and makes me more passive income!

There is no good reason not to recommend this to family and friends. It could save their life in numerous ways. Health monitoring, sleep, finance etc.

From a business point of view anyone of any age in any country can promote this as long as they know someone who has a phone and a heartbeat. Literally! πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

In 20+ years I have never seen a business with so much viral potential.

Here's a quick little video explainer to show you how it works. 

Getting Started.

1.Go to and download the app.


You can download it from The Google Play  - HERE 

You can download it from Apple App Store - HERE


Reply to this email email, social media message, WhatssApp below and get an invite code! You will need it for the app to work.

2. Go to the NFT Marketplace in the app and purchase a kit or watch using card or crypto. (If you need help with, that send me a message).

If that wasn't easy enough here is a complete step-by-step PDF with pictures! Click HERE 



My aim at is to provide you with safe, long-term products that pass three checks:

 Good for me, βœ…Good for my friends βœ… Good for the world. βœ…

Every day I am sent links for good businesses with bad products, bad businesses with good products,

or most frustrating of all:

Good businesses with good products and bad people running them! πŸ™ˆ

90% don't pass the requirements but some do, then they fail at support or delivery or payouts.

I may have seen one hundred products, bought twenty, but just one works and gets to this Newsletter.

I think with Inpersona we have a great product, it's run by great people and has a great working passive income/business attached.

It is good for me, my physical and financial health, βœ… it does the same for the financial and physical health of my friends. βœ…βœ…

All this data collected on blockchain and used to progress medical advancements with the help of AI is good for the world. βœ…βœ…βœ…

All boxes are well and truly ticked on this one. 😁

Download the app, ask me for an invite code, try it out and give me your feedback.

Emma is away in Ireland visiting her unwell dad, so I am at home with the kids and have plenty of time to pop into the office or answer texts if you need me. 😁

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and speak soon.



Brian McGinty

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