Subject: Exciting News! Big App Launch Today - New Direction

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Good day,

                 Welcome to all our new subscribers this week. 👋

Today I have a big announcement as I am taking this newsletter and how I do things in a new direction. ↗️

This is due to a lot of recent growth and your fantastic feedback. Thank you for all your emails and messages. 🤝

I have been listening to everything you have told me about the new website, my app, courses, businesses, this newsletter etc and want to give you what you want... and stop sending what you don't. 🫷

Here is the "issue"

I now have 10,000+ subscribers in this newsletter, 150+ Get a Life App subscribers, 30,000+ followers on social media, 100's of people doing various businesses. All is good, that's a great problem, but it needs to be streamlined.

SO... From today on I will not be promoting any businesses in this newsletter, my website or social media! 🫨 Yes, you heard that right! 🤣

Quite a big change after writing this for 11+ years!

The reason is simple - I am involved with so many coins, blockchains, metaverse, health and passive income projects now that it is too confusing to try and cover them all in a newsletter.

My readers were also getting confused by the different businesses. That was the main feedback I received.

EG: Someone who isn't interested in the Metaverse didn't want to hear about The Space Mall.

Important - Existing resources and support for recommended businesses will remain. Such as my Telegram channel for Inpersona users. There just will be no more mention of specific businesses in this newsletter.

Bespoke Help For Each Individual

The most effective way I have been helping people recently is on a one-to-one basis through live chat, WhatsApp or pre-arranged Zoom calls.

All of these are now available on the website.

If someone wants me to point them in the direction of passive income, coins, blockchain projects, low-risk, high-risk, affiliate businesses, affiliate marketing, or network marketing companies it will be on a one-to-one basis from today.

Coaching And Mentorship

Another reason I have removed all businesses from my website etc is that many of the people who are downloading The Get A Life App and booking calls are just regular people who want general coaching/mentorship.

Apart from my official certificates below I have completed dozens of other courses and books by Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Wallace Wattles, Napoleon Hill and many others over the years so there are many ways I can help many people.

Streamlined Solution

The easiest way to make sure I help everyone correctly is to have one subscription for my App which includes one-to-one coaching. (One hour one-to-one live coaching session per week included)

Since I launched the App in January I have added two books, ($14.99), one 16-week course, ($299) 7 shorter courses, ($99 each) one booklet, ($19.99) a colouring book ($9.99) and one booklet. ($4.99).

($1055, priced individually so far - not including the calls)

I will be adding a minimum of one new course/book/resource per month and I am already working on video courses to accompany what is on there. I am just making the PowerPoints at the moment.

Books Courses And Resources On The Get A Life App

New Pricing Starts Today

Going forward there will be no requirement to be involved in any businesses and anyone who registered during the beta phase can carry on on previously agreed terms. 🤝🙏

Also, In response to your feedback, I have decided not to go with individual pricing but to charge $49,99 per month as a subscription.

$1.60 per day is less than a coffee, it covers my costs, so I thought that was fair.

If someone doesn't feel they are getting good value they can cancel anytime so it's up to me to deliver.

The $49.99 includes all current and future products plus the weekly live one-on-one coaching/Mentorship.

How Does The Coaching Work?

App users go to and book a slot using the calendar.

We can discuss anything and everything but the goal is to create a solid plan for whatever outcome the person desires. Then together we put the plan into action.

Want To Give It A Try?

You Can Download The App Below or Directly From

Watch The Promo Video Below

Web Version

If you don't want to or don't like using Apps you can always use the desktop version which I finished this week.

You can access it on any browser HERE

Everything Via https//

New and existing users can contact me, get the app, get whatever help they need via the website.

I can focus on promoting that website and taking calls and giving people bespoke help.

In the background I can keep creating new app content, keep testing and trialling new passive income streams and focus on one website - 

All future newsletters will update you on new app resources and updates to the Get A Life website.

I am looking forward to this new way of working, meeting lots of new people on zoom and changing lots of lives for the better. 🙏

Bob Proctor did this for me back in 2013 and I am happy and proud to be able to pay it forward and help others as he helped me.

This is just the start of a new phase as I am continually reading, studying and learning to provide value for the subscribers of the Get A Life App.

That's all for today, have a wonderful week and get in touch if you have any questions.

To your success... 😃👍



Brian McGinty

WhatsApp +35679095700 

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