Subject: A "Miracle" cure for my wife, new book and happy holidays!

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Good day,

                 Welcome to all our new subscribers this week. First of all I would like to wish you a happy Easter/holidays for the coming week.

It was my daughter Emily's 10th Birthday yesterday, (top middle), which is hard to believe. Her imminent arrival was one of the reasons I started writing this Newsletter ten years ago! 🤱👶

Out Of Office This Week and Next

I am travelling to Majorca tomorrow to meet the owners of The Space Mall. This project is gearing up to be fantastic and is about to go to full launch. I will have more on that for you when I get back.

If you don't know about the Space Mall project you can find the video in the Passive Income section at 

A "Miracle" Cure For Emma

My regular readers will know that my wife has been suffering from Chronic Fatigue/M.E. for 13+ years and we have been trying every pill, potion, treatment and cure under the sun to get her better.

Last year she was diagnosed with sleep apnoea which means she has been waking up 20/30 times an hour without consciously knowing it. (She stops breathing without being aware).

For months she has been trying unsuccessfully to use a CPAP machine as it's very uncomfortable and noisy.

Hostage Tape!

As always I am looking for solutions and one day an advert popped up for "hostage tape" which apparently can cure sleep apnoea.

Long story short I ordered some and it's basically a sticking plaster that covers your mouth and forces you to breathe through your nose. 🤐🤫

Emma has been trying it and for the first time, she is recording REM sleep on her Inpersona band and getting into deep sleep. She is also getting less brain fog and I can see a huge improvement in her.

I can't believe after spending tens of thousands of euros over ten years that the answer could be so simple, but so far so good!

I have been trying them too and yes it was uncomfortable the first night but after that, I got used to it. 🛌😴

I sleep well anyway but it's supposed to benefit all sleepers so why not? Her arthritis may have come from a lack of oxygen too as she will have been in a hypoxic state!

Nearly all diseases can be traced to a lack of oxygen! I'm learning a lot about this at the moment and it's fascinating stuff.

If you know anyone who has trouble sleeping, or chronic fatigue here is the link for more info - HERE

My New Book

My regular readers will also know I have been working on my new book which is called "Get A Life" and I have just published it this week. 😃📖

That's the promo video below if you want to take a quick look.

My first book was a summary of Think And Grow Rich but this one brings together everything I have learned over the past ten years from studying people like Tony Robbins, Earl Nightingale, Bob Proctor, Wallace D. Wattles, George S. Clason and Robert Kiyosaki among many others.

The idea was to take all their teachings and create twelve principles which encapsulated them all.

I have published it in E-book and print so far and will get it on Audible/Spotify when I return from the holidays.

If you would like a copy click HERE or the image below.

Why Write Another Book?

I had it in my mind to write something relevant to people in 2024 and something that incorporated personal finance and legacy.

Everyone is looking for the "right business", and how to earn passive income and earn income quickly when it will never, ever happen with the wrong mindset and without a solid plan.

No one plans to get fat or broke but that's exactly why they do end up like that... They had no plan or strategy. People get rich but have no plan to stay there so quickly get broke again.

I started with a plan to get to €100, then €1000, then €10,000 and then €1M and I did it in under seven years. My next plan is to go to €10M because I know if I don't plan to go forward, I will go backwards.

I am recommending good long-term businesses for people but they need to have even longer-term goals if they want to be successful and stay there.

If you have started or are going to start any business I recommend then please get a piece of paper and write down your business goals, write exactly how much you are going to earn and how long it will take you.

If you need help with doing this just get in touch. It's a ten-minute exercise but vital if you want to get to where you want to go.

Get A Life App

If you have not downloaded the Get A Life App you can do that below for free. If you want to avoid paying the subscription it's free for anyone who is involved in or building any of the passive income streams I recommend on my website.

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Happy? You Can Download The App Below.

Happy Holidays

That's all for this update, thanks again for all your feedback and suggestions. I can only promise to do my best to provide you with the content you ask for in a format you can use.

If you have any questions on the app or any of the projects I am involved in, you can get me on live chat, WhatsApp, zoom or however you prefer.

WhatsApp is the easiest - +356 79095700

or book a call at

Have a great week and enjoy the holidays if you are off!

To your success... 😃👍



Brian McGinty

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