Subject: October Newsletter: Should you sell your place or rent it?

Hi Friend,

Hope you had a great thanksgiving and are enjoying the last few weeks of fall! We're glad there's no snow here yet!

We made this video to answer one of the most common questions we get from friends and family...
"If I'm moving, should I sell my current home in this market or rent it out?" and, "If I rent it, should I hire a property manager?"
I forgot to mention in the video:
- if you decide to sell in this Edmonton market, a full-commission realtor and professional staging really helps to stand out from other sellers!
- if your rental unit is in your basement, it's not as necessary to hire someone to manage. My brother Stephan does it himself (with the help of my lease template and tips).

NEXT, Patrick shares why this shed project took longer than a week...

Cassian comes home... (still trying to figure out what "dabishees" is lol)

Thanks for watching!

Zorya & Patrick

PS. Since properties with more than one suite work the best for rental properties, we're in the process of purchasing a brand new 6-plex in southwest Edmonton. We love the location, and since it's brand new, it will attract good quality tenants, making it a solid long-term buy-and-hold investment. We still have spots for 1 to 2 more individuals/couples to join us as co-owners. All you'd need to do is provide part of the down payment - no work or mortgage qualification required (yay commercial financing!).
Next purchase - 6-plex in Desrochers

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