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Polish Newsletter on Optics and Photonics

edition #10 (September 2022)

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Good morning!

The tenth edition of the PNOF is now upon us. The 30th International Defence Industry Exhibition (MSPO) brought together numerous representatives from the community, showcasing numerous photonics applications and attracting the interest of foreign companies. Thanks to Corning's newly opened fibre optics factory, the industrial infrastructure in Poland is also developing.

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Polish Technological Platform on Photonics

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Polish Photonics on 30. MSPO

The Photonics 4 Defence stand, organised by the PPTF, attracted a lot of interest at the 30th International Defence Industry Exhibition MSPO. VIGO Photonics, Ensemble3, GL Optic, NLPQT and Semicon exhibited at the stand. Other stands featured expositions by Łukasiewicz-IEl, Łukasiewicz-IMiF, Warsaw University of Technology, Smarttech3D, Sygnis, Telesystem-Mesko, Military University of Technology, Etronika, Inframet, PCO and Prexer.

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Fibre factory in Mszczonów

Corning, the global leader in fibre optics, has opened a new optical fibre factory in Mszczonów. The new plant - larger than the existing one in Strykow - is part of the US manufacturer's global investment. It is one of the largest fibre and fibre-optic cable factories in Europe.

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Job board

Post-doc – optical imaging


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Electronic Systems Production Engineer


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MOCVD epitaxy technician

VIGO Photonics

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Photonics4Defence Workshop

The Photonics4Defence workshop, organised under the aegis of Photonics21 by the PPTF in cooperation with the Polish Chamber of Manufacturers for National Defence, brought together more than 60 participants from seven countries. Held during the 30th MSPO, the workshop presented photonics technologies that may have applications in defence and security.

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Master in Quantum Information Technology

The University of Gdansk has opened a master's degree programme in 'Quantum Information Technology' taught in English. It covers unbreakable cryptography, ultra-precise measurements and quantum computers that can solve problems that are unsolvable on any classical computer.

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FOSREM - photonic gyroscope

Warsaw-based Elproma Electronics presented its first photonic product at MSPO: the FOSREM (Fibre-Optic System for Rotational Events & Phenomena Monitoring) gyroscope. The device was developed in collaboration with the Military University of Technology. 

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zdjęcie Edyty środy wraz z tekstem

inPROBE – clinical trials

At the end of August, clinical trials of the inPROBE probe - a fibre-optic device for the rapid diagnosis of breast cancer - began. The technology developer and manufacturer of the device is the Lublin-based company SDS Optic.

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Another investment fund joined PPTF

EEC Magenta, part of the EEC Ventures group, joined the PPTF at the beginning of September. The new member of the organisation is a VC fund investing in technology companies - including photonics - in the early stages of development.

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Patent to increase fibre optic network capacity

The installation of a small device (a so-called higher-order mode filter) instead of an overhaul with the replacement of cables and installations - such a non-invasive perspective for the modernisation of telecommunications networks is possible thanks to the cooperation of Polish scientists and engineers from the Photonics and Optical Fibre Cluster

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Research highlights

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How to generate a pulse of length equal to a single field oscillation?

Researchers from the Wrocław University of Science and Technology published the result of research work enabling the generation of ultra-short pulses consisting of a single oscillation of an electromagnetic field, the course of which can be freely controlled by modifying the phase of a stabilised chromium laser.

Photo: Thorsten Naeser

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Laser harmony

Would you like to capture a chemical transformation inside a cell live? Or maybe revolutionize microchips' production by printing paths in a layer that has a thickness of just 100 nanometers? These and many other goals can now be achieved with the latest femtosecond laser created by a team of scientists led by Dr. Yuriy Stepanenko.

Photo: Grzegorz Krzyżewski

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Logo projekt PhotonHub Europe

PhotonHub Europe

PhotonHub Europe (PHE) is a pan-European support network for entrepreneurs and public institutions interested in developing and upgrading their businesses with photonics technologies. It offers free knowledge and training, the possibility to experiment, test and develop technologies, business support, funding support and a wide network of contacts - services that are available to all entities in the EU, with a special focus on SMEs.

The PPTF is PHE's Polish partner as a national photonics hub.

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zrzut ekrany ze strony PhotonHub Europę

New webpage, new video

Photonhub Europe refreshed its website so that customers for its services - entrepreneurs searching for innovation - can more easily find the information they need. A new video demonstrating the PhotonHub process has also been published.

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