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May edition of the Polish Newsletter on Optics and Photonics prepared by the Candela Foundation and the Polish Technological Platform on Photonics (PPTF)

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Polish Newsletter on Optics and Photonics

edition#30 (May 2024)

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Good morning!

Today is the International Day of Light – an ideal opportunity to publish next edition of the Polish Newsletter on Optics and Photonics. In this edition, we highlight the numerous events that will take place in the near future.

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plakat Dnia Fotoniki na Wydziale Fizyki UW

International Photonics Job Fair on May 24!

The International Photonics Job Fair will be held next Friday in the Auditorium of the Physics Building at Warsaw University of Technology. Exhibitors include Corning, FIBRAIN, IPG Photonics and VIGO Photonics, as well as German companies from the OpTecBB cluster. The fair will also have a networking dimension - students and all supporters of Polish photonics are invited!

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plakat Dnia Fotoniki na Wydziale Fizyki UW

Submit your abstract and attend optical imaging workshop

Warsaw Summer School on Advanced Optical Imaging will be held in September in Warsaw, Poland. This event will bring together international specialists to share their knowledge on various imaging techniques. The opportunity to submit abstracts for oral presentations lasts until June 4, and for posters until August 9, 2024. We invite you to participate and to submit abstract of your research!

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Job board

Global Director of Sales


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Quantum System Architect

Creotech Instruments

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Phd Fellowships at IChF PAS


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zdjęcie przedstawicieli podczas konferencji Photonics Day Berlin Brandenburg

Polish-Czech Photonics 2024 meeting in Wrocław 

Last year, the representatives of the Czech and Polish photonics industry met for the first time in Ostrava. This year, they are invited to meet in Wroclaw: Polish-Czech Photonics 2024 will be held on September 19-20 at the Wrocław University of Science and Technology. More details and registration coming soon.

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zdjęcie z laboratorium przedstawiajace osoby pracujące

Polish photonics for medicine – interview with ICTER director

We encourage you to listen to an interview with Maciej Wojtkowski, Director of the ICTER International Eye Research Center, who talks about research projects to date and those planned under the MAB FENG grant awarded by the Foundation for Polish Science. 

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okładka raportu ICTER

Another fiber optics factory

HFCL, a global manufacturer of fiber optic network cables and accessories headquartered in India, has announced plans to build a fiber optic factory at an as yet undisclosed location in Poland. The PLN 70 million investment is a key element of the company's new expansion strategy in Europe.

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zdjęcie ekranu komputera na którym wyswietlane sa dane medyczne

Photonics - Poland's specialty

IV. Congress of Polish Electrical Engineering is a conference of the largest engineering association in the country. “Photonics as a Polish specialty in world electronics” is one of the three themes of the Congress. Numerous representatives of leading companies and research institutions will speak in four sessions.

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okładka raportu ICTER

Silver Medal for optical sensor

FOSREM – the fiber-optic system for monitoring rotational events, developed by Elproma Electronics, was awarded a Silver Medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva. Congratulations!

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zdjęcie ekranu komputera na którym wyswietlane sa dane medyczne

Syglass is already a company

Syglass – the technology of 3D printing of glass photonic elements, developed originally by Sygnis SA, is going to the market. The Syglass company was recently established to facilitate the commercial applications of the unique 3D printer for optical glass. Photo: Syglass

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okładka raportu ICTER

QNA Technology joined microEPC cluster

QNA Technology, a rapidly expanding Wroclaw-based manufacturer of quantum dots - and a member of PPTF - has joined the microEPC cluster also. Combined membership in the PPTF and microEPC cluster does not entail additional costs, but allows for more efficient coordination of cooperation within the Polish photonics and microelectronics ecosystem

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XTPL will deliver another module

Wroclaw-based XTPL, a manufacturer of electronics printing systems, has sold another industrial module designed for integration into a production line. The customer is HB Technology: a Korean manufacturer of flat-panel display (FPD) test and repair instruments.

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Research highlights

abstrakcyjna grafika pokazująca model karty sieciowej dla komputerów kwantowych

Single photons source from WrUST

Researchers at the Wrocław University of Science and Technology have developed technology to produce photonic microdevices that produce single photons in the C-band, used in quantum communication. Through the use of quantum dots and innovative microscopes, they have achieved exceptional efficiency and indistinguishability of photons, which could enable their use in quantum technologies.

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Grafika przedstawiająca naukowca w kitlu trzymającego kolby z niebieską i czerwoną cieczą

Shivering nanotubes

In a study published in the journal Carbon, researchers from the Warsaw University of Technology examined the effect of vibrations on carbon nanotubes. Using Raman spectroscopy, they discovered how vibrations of carbon atoms, called breathing modes, affect the optical and mechanical properties of nanotubes. The study has implications for the development of new materials in sensors and telecommunications, paving the way for applications in optomechanical technologies and photonic insulators.

(visualisation: Adobe Stock)

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Logo projekt PhotonHub Europe
zrzut ekrany ze strony PhotonHub Europę

Practical training: quantitative phase imaging for biomedical applications

PhotonHub Europe is a European support network for entrepreneurs incorporating photonic technologies into their products or processes. 38 leading technology centers offer knowledge, training - and most importantly, the opportunity to test, prototype and develop technologies. These technology services, thanks to EU funding, are available to companies on attractive terms. PhotonHub also supports startups.

This May and June the Warsaw University of Technology, PhotonHub's technology partner, is providing hands-on training in the use of high-resolution Quantitative Phase Imaging (QPI) methods for everyone interested. The main applications are biomedical research at the cellular level - but QPI is also used to measure semiconductor and photonic microstructures. Participants will learn in practice both the construction of the equipment (holographic microscope, Fourier ptychographic microscope, holographic tomograph), as well as the methods of conducting measurements and data processing.

The one- and three-day training courses will be held in Warsaw on 17 May and 19 June 2024, respectively.

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