Subject: Polish Newsletter on Optics and Photonics – February 2022 – Candela Foundation & PPTF

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Polish Newsletter on Optics and Photonics

edition #3 (February 2022)

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Good morning!

Welcome to the third edition of the PNOP. We present the latest infromation related to the activities of polish companies and research centers. 

Enjoy your reading and let us know your feedback!

Candela Foundation

Polish Technological Platform on Photonics

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European Chips Act

The European Commission has published a draft regulation on strengthening the European semiconductor manufacturing ecosystem - the so-called European Chips Act. The aim is to double Europe's share in global microprocessor production by 2030. Their development and production are closely linked to the development and application of photonic technologies - they are indispensable for each other.

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Wizualizacja szkła kwantowego

Donate 1% of your tax to the Candela Foundation Scholarships

In connection with the period of filing tax returns, the Candela Foundation invites you to donate 1% of your tax to the activities of the Foundation. The collected funds will feed the scholarship program, Rezonatory, supporting the mobility of students. In order to transfer 1% of tax, please indicate the KRS number: 0000215720 and the specific purpose: FUNDACJA CANDELA

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Job openings

Business Development Manager 

VIGO Ventures

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Optical simulation engineer


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Optical constructor


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Optica Women Scholarships

The Optica Foundation has launched a scholarship programme dedicated to female students pursuing a career in optics and photonics. On behalf of the Optica Foundation, we encourage you to apply!

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Zdjęcie teleskopu optycznego od firmy Scanway

Inuru prints colorful light 

German-Polish startup INURU, a manufacturer of low-cost OLED displays for mass applications, has demonstrated printed OLED components in several colours.

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Logo SDS optic oraz Fiber Team Photonic Solution

New members of PPTF

Two companies from Lublin joined The Polish Photonics Technology Platform last month. They are developing fibre optic sensing application: SDS Optic, which is developing a biophotonic platform for cancer diagnostics, and FiberTeam Photonic Solutions, which creates cost-effective sensor systems for various industrial applications.

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Logo Telesystem

Success of Polish optoelectronics - the USA buys Polish missiles

The American Department of Defence has ordered in Poland several hundred "Piorun" portable anti-aircraft sets. The optoelectronic guidance and control systems - decisive for the effectiveness of the missile - were developed and manufactured by the Telesystem-Mesko company located near Warsaw.

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Zdjęcie Grzegorz Sobonia

NCN highlights project led by Grzegorz Soboń

The National Science Centre highlighter the project of Grzegorz Soboń from the Wrocław University of Science andTechnology. The project developed generation of ultra-short optical pulses from thulium-doped all-fiber lasers. Congratulations on the distinction! #flyhigh

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logo Vigo Ventures

Vigo Ventures invests in integrated photonics  

The Warsaw-based company specialising in investments in photonics and deep tech companies has become a shareholder in Dutch startup PHOTON IP, which develops optical chip technologies.

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Zdjęcie Grzegorz Sobonia

Nomaten collaborates
with Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz Manufacturing Poland has chosen Centrum Nomaten as its partner for materials research on the life cycle of engine machining tools.

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logo Vigo Ventures

From PhD to CEO –Candela Foundation

Candela Foundation, represented by Piotr Węgrzyn, will participate in a seminar organised by Optica and Young Minds European Physical Society "From PhD to CEO" on 15 March 2022. 

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Research publication highlights

Okładka czasopisma Nature z opisaną poniżej publikacją

Observation of Feshbach resonances between a single ion and ultracold atoms


P. Weckesser, F. Thielemann, D. Wiater, A. Wojciechowska, L. Karpa, K. Jachymski, M. Tomza, T. Walker, T. Schaetz

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Okładka czasopisma The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters z wyróżnioną publikajca opisaną ponizej

Narrow Excitonic Lines and Large-Scale Homogeneity of Transition-Metal Dichalcogenide Monolayers Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy on Hexagonal Boron Nitride

Nano Letters

W. Pacuski, M. Grzeszczyk, K. Nogajewski, A. Bogucki, K. Oreszczuk, J. Kucharek, K. Połczyńska, B. Seredyński, A. Rodek, R. Bożek, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, S. Kret, J. Sadowski, T. Kazimierczuk, M Potemski, P Kossacki

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Logo projekt PhotonHub Europe

PhotonHub Europe

 PhotonHub Europe (PHE) is a pan-European support network for entrepreneurs and publicinstitutions interested in developing and upgrading their businesses with photonicstechnologies. It offers free knowledge and training, the possibility to experiment, test anddevelop technologies, business support, funding support and a wide network of contacts -services that are available to all entities in the EU, with a special focus on SMEs. The PPTF isPHE's Polish partner as a national photonics hub.

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Zdjęcie obiektywu mikroskopowego

Develop technology, launch production or scale it up!

The most important service of PhotonHub Europe is undoubtedly Test-Before-Invest - technological support for product development from TRL 3 to TRL 8. PhotonHub Europe offers services within eight photonic technology platforms. Entrepreneurs can get help from the best centres in Europe (including Polish) to conduct research necessary to create a new product, develop its production technology or scale up production. Services within the Test-Before-Invest are provided completely free of charge or with partial payment. Application for support of your project by PhotonHub Europe can be submitted at any time. 

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