Subject: What's new for Technique Tuesday - Beads Gone Wild

Hello Beading Friends,

Today is Technique Tuesday and today I have a fun way to start a long peyote strip, like if you were doing a lariat, or a way to easily start the first 4 rows of a pattern without getting all twisted and turned around. Check it out, and report back with your experience. If it is not something you need to use right now.. Keep it in your tool box. Remember the other two handouts for Technique Tuesday are Free on the shopping cart. Look for Odd Count technique Tuesday. Part 1 and Part 2

So what else is going on here in Florida... well a late season disturbance. Uggh..... Let's hope it disappears. We are keeping an eye on it and will see if you will be open or closed.

I was able to get photos of the two new color ways of Salsa... 4th is almost done. It really is a fun kit to do.

If you are in the area, we now have two gemstone trunk shows going on.. lots of beautiful gemstones and pendants etc...

As always thanks for your local and long distance support!


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