Subject: Did you practice odd count stitching!

Hello Happy Beaders,

If you missed this weeks Technique Tuesday we are continuing by "using the Tail thread". Not sure when it originated but I have seen it on Thread a Bead, Which is a fantastic place for 3d beaded objects, and Kelly Dale showed it in a video on her column earrings. If you go to her YouTube, check out the interview she did with me for Bead Easy!  We also have as promised Cynthia Rutledge's Step up Step down introduced in 2011. Plus a little extra... Next week how to do the first 4 rows of a long strip really fast, no twisting.

Happy Beading


Ok, I had to add fringe. I feel much happier. You will be able to add fringe or not, the choice is yours, but it will now be included in the kit, and we are sending out the parts, and instructions to all those who got the kit already.

When you have a pattern with long rows, it is easier to pull each color while reading the pattern, then stitch them in. That way you don't lose your place.

Back in Stock and ready for the holiday!

Loaded with Pearls and Crystals!

Lots of Techniques in this Beautiful Kit, and surprisingly doesn't take too long to make!

You know after Halloween, it's only a second till Winter Holidays!

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