Subject: Technique Tuesday- Flat Peyote Square

Hello Happy Beaders, Got a new Technique Tuesday for you. It is doing a flat peyote square using Circular Flat Peyote. It's a little more difficult than the previous shapes please give it a try. If you don't know Circular Flat Peyote, Step ups, etc... Please get those handouts and read thru them first. This hand out is presuming you know how to do Peyote.

We have some great kits that use this technique too so you can try it with a project. More and more people come into the store from out of town saying all their beads shops have closed. We are so fortunate to still be alive and kicking. I also hear that it is very frustrating to buy a pattern and then have to source the beads from all different companies, and are disappointed and upset with colors, quality etc... Buying a kit first really provides you with the best opportunity to complete a project with colors and beads you are expecting. And in the long run I do believe is less expensive. Then when you know the project, and were the different color beads go, it is easier to go to your stash and pick up some other colors from your favorite store. Thanks so much for being with us, for your reviews on facebook and on the shopping cart. Let's make it a beady week! Glenda

Polygon stitch, a Zulu beading stitch is fun! 11/o and 11/o Hex beads!

Fun new Ways to use wire!

Great Class for beginners! Tubular Peyote. Also see our Technique Tuesday Handouts!

Summer Fun is made with 8/o beads using the Hubble stitch.

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