Subject: Saturday's list of limited stock kits- from Beads Gone Wild

Hello Happy Beaders,

I mentioned before that I would pick a day of the week where we will list the latest count on some final kits. Usually because it was a limited edition, or we can no longer get some or all of the parts of the kit. I wanted to do it on the same day of the week so it would be fair to all. So around 10:30 eastern time I will send the email and it has the counts listed as of that time. Thanks again for all your feedback on the kits, and Technique Tuesday hand out. So glad they are helpful.

An overwhelming percent of people now prefer kits to sourcing and finding supplies for a project. It is a great advantage especially if you are a new beader. Kits expose you to beads you may not have seen, and different ways to use them. I am trying to make the kits now in more color choices so there will be something for everyone.

Make it a great Weekend!


Want to pick your own bead colors, or have lots of beads you need to use up. Check out these Instructions ONLY options.

Bead Easy Makes beading easy and organized. Travel and carry your beads with you and everything stays put! Huge time saver. Pack it up when you have company over, or when you want to keep away for animals or children. Patent Pending.

Tirette Grande Bracelet is a bold statement bracelet! 24 kt gold plated Tila beads make it irresistible.

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