Subject: Beads Gone Wild - New Kits-

Happy Saturday my fellow beaders!

This past week I posted a part 2 of Peyote Stitch in the Ditch. Part 1 is how to do and how it can be used for adding layers, and decorations. Part 2 is making tabs. Enjoy!

I am happy that so many people are able to take advantage of the Technique Tuesday Papers. Please let me know if there is a topic you'd like to see, and give feed back if they are helping you or not. The downloads are free.... but feel free to order as many kits as you'd like!

We have two new colors in the small Flamenco Earring Kit. Made with the 3mm crystals they are 2.5 inches long so shorter that the ones made with the 4mm crystals.

Also while we were making the English Garden Blue and Silver we wanted to make one with the Blue seed Beads and one with Silver seed Beads. Now we have both kits available.. The rest of the beads are the same. It is interesting how they have a slightly different look. Check it out!

Have a great weekend!


Showing the difference between the 4mm and 3mm variation.

Limited Edition Coral and Rose Gold 2x.

Unbelievable Glitz and Shine Siam AB2x and Light Gold. Limited Edition.

Weather you are traveling on vacation, commuting, or beading on your lunch break at work Bead Easy is a PERFECT WAY TO KEEP BEADS SEPARATED and neat. Open it up and start beading right away. Close it up and beads stay. The magnet cups on the board can be moved out of case, and cups can move around the board. When you are done with the project clean up is a breeze.

Traveler Size

New To Beading? Try these INTRO kits!

Beginner Bead weaving Classes at the Bead Institute!

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