Subject: New Beaders Special Technique Tuesday from Beads Gone Wild

Hello Happy Beaders! It is Technique Tuesday and I have a newbie special!

Where are you in your beading education? And, where do you want to go?

Because we have our brick and mortar store in Florida, I hear from customers who are new to beading that it’s overwhelming with all the videos, facebook groups, and confusing information. And for those with out a local bead shop, add limited availability of purchasing beads to the list. It can really be difficult to know where to start.

If you could just get a solid educational overview and learn a few stitches you'd see what a difference it makes.  

Beads Gone Wild has several beginner kits, and 3  that have You Tube additional help. (More You Tube videos coming).

As a special this month, purchase these three beginner kits in your choice of colors and you will get a FREE one hour one-on-one video or face time coaching call with me. I will provide you with answers to your questions, provide professional advice, and get you off to a great start ($65.00 value). I am ready to help you with your beading hobby! Are you ready to get started?


Peyote stitch is one of the first stitches to learn and even if you are brand new you can make this exquisite looking bracelet made with the finest Japanese cylinder beads in a mix of matte and shiny. Kits come complete with needles and thread.

Netting is a perfect 2nd stitch to learn in the beginning. This one is loaded with pearls and crystals, and again people will be amazed at the sophistication of your first projects. Kits come complete with everything you need including needles and thread.

And Finally Herringbone! Simple yet slinky, this bracelet is a tubular herringbone stitch that can be used to make all kinds of ropes. Kits come with everything you need including needles and thread, and You Tube assistance.

Are you Ready?

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