Subject: Favorite kits.. Welcome back!

Hello Happy Beaders, So school is back in session, labor day is over, Halloween is in the shops, and we all know the end of the year will be here in no time. Start now thinking about holiday gifts. We have Sterling silver core, pandora type beads on sale from 24.95 to 6.00 each. They make great earrings! Don't know how to make earrings?... call for a class! We are scheduling classes on demand, and keeping them small.

At the store we continue to have Saturday Sale Day! Stop in or check out Crystal Creations Bead Institute on facebook to see what's on sale.

We have been able to restock some of our favorite kits. Tiffany, Golden Nepal, Jeweled Locket, just to name a few!

Reminder: Beads Gone Wild Kits are guaranteed to have enough beads to complete the project. If you need Extra sizing we can quote you a price, and many people can actually learn new beading techniques from our kits and step by step instructions!

Have a great weekend!


Bead Easy as show being used at home, with a kit that has 11 Colors. If needed this 8x10 tray can fit into the junior save n go, and be carried to your next beading place and everything will be just as you left it.! Choose your board size, how many cups you want, and accessories! Customize it just for your requirements.

Fun Holiday Inspired Projects!

From Time to time we make instructions only available. Now get Barcelona! Kit or Instructions only. Cubic Raw, 3 sided herringbone and peyote. Not sure you can do Cubic, watch my you tube. Search beads gone wild you tube. Several videos are there!

Have you experimented with Herringbone lately. Try these Fun kits!

Purple Gone Wild!

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