Subject: This Week in the Lighthouse

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  This Week in the Lighthouse

Hi Friend,

Big things are  in the works!  Today we provide an exceptional opportunity to be a part of something, shall we just say...'interesting'?  Pay attention! 
The Monaco Management Group

Monaco Management Group (MMG) is expanding internationally and is positioning itself to properly offer a wide variety of professional services to handle sophisticated services to High Net Worth clients from around the globe. MMG provides the backbone for our higher level financial services for Global Entrepreneurs and High Net Worth individuals.

Have a quick look at the brand new website at MMG.World to get a better idea of where we’re headed. This website has not been publicly announced yet and still has a few image corrections to be made but is 95% ready for Prime Time!

To let you in on a little something special, let me direct your attention to the 'Conferences' page.  Shhh! 

Having already established a global support network of advisors and sister companies, our next target is the International Financial License offered by the central bank of the republic of Georgia which would enable MMG to offer brokerage services, payment systems and debit cards, crypto-currency exchange and wallets, ICO’s, token sales, forex brokerage and exchange and most importantly be licensed to handle and manage third party funds in a professional capacity on behalf of our worldwide clients. This would enable MMG to provide clients with world class licensed financial services and be one step away from being it’s own bank.

Friend we're offering you this personal invitation to participate in our infrastructure growth and business development with a very special and personal private offering. You are getting this invitation because of our established relationship with you. We know each other and share similar goals and values and we much prefer to keep this ‘internal’ and be able to grow from within.

We’re looking to raise a total of only $50,000 and will accept increments of $5000 from known individuals within our circle of contacts and associates in exchange for certificate units of the MONACO MANAGEMENT SERVICES trust (MMS). MMS is set up exclusively to provide international trustee/fiduciary and professional management services to trust and corporate clients.

The indenture agreement on these units is to pay a quarterly revenue share which amounts to 50% per annum on the certificate unit(s) for two years with complete return of agreed revenue share and original capital on or before the expiration of the 2 year period. This may be looked at as having the same effect and result of a 2 year CD paying 100% even though it is NOT a CD. The certificate units are NOT securities and are not registered anywhere other than on the books of the MMS which is overseen by a board of three trustees who are well known and trusted in their respective fields of endeavor and within our own inner circle.

One unit is $5,000 would be the minimum. All 10 would be $50,000 for one subscriber. Any number in between is acceptable based on availability. This is a limited private offering to a limited internal group of known parties and it NOT a public offering.  Friend this invitation is for 'You' alone and you are asked not to share or distribute this in any way.

This license will enable us to act independently of regulators but with a full permission to be an International Financial Company (IFC). 100% tax exempted, top privacy and with full bank accounts for third party funding and a maximum on financial flexibility.  We’ll be authorized to initiate our own branded debit card program which we can offer to the public if we decide. The license authorizes e-wallets for crypto-currencies, forex trading on third party accounts, handling securities and much more. 

This gives us an entree to the European markets and financial services landscape coming from a jurisdiction with the stability and strong reputation of an ‘onshore’ company while giving us the tax and privacy benefits with minimal regulation as we would find in the most reputable yet advantageous ‘offshore’ jurisdictions. Georgia is NOT member of the European Union but adapted certain parts of European regulation and legislation; but kept their own local laws in order to protect the domestic financial industry to avoid overregulation • Georgia is a not yet OECD Member but enjoys full access to the european IBAN and global SWIFT banking systems so our IFL will enjoy direct transmissions without the need for intermediary banks or strict oversight.

There are Zero tax liabilities especially for crypto currency companies or offshore brokerage and asset management operations. The IFC comes with a certificate from the Ministry of Finance that guarantees a complete corporate tax exemption! Wow

We will have full SWIFT / IBAN connected bank accounts. Fully operative up from day one.
 The set-up process is quick and will happen within 4 to 6 weeks once we give the go-ahead.

Friend as you can see, this is an exciting opportunity to move into the big leagues of global finance and we hope you will be a part of it with us!

At this moment, we’re only taking pledges and once we’ve determined what funds are going where, we’ll inform interested parties with the pertinent details.

Inquiries may be sent to  We recommend you get your own account for end to end encryption.

Thanks very much for your time and interest.

PCF World Mission LLC, Apdo. 858-1260, 1260, San Jose, Costa Rica
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