Subject: Affillate Training Replay & Update

New Training & 
Hello Friend!

Sorry if you couldn't make it to our training webinar last night.  We had a powerful session and those in attendance now have the keys to our Leads program and our new co-op marketing program among a simple but detailed Design for their business success. 

That training is available in video now, along with other new and important information you should be sure to review. 

You'll find it all on the 'Board' when you log in to your Tapfiliate back-office.  Go there now if you can and you'll find the important links. 

Key bullet points for today; 

- Get '3' and your ProMarketing system is free! 

- Get your packages and become a product of the product.  

You have everything you need for success.  Now what?  Only you can answer that. 


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