Subject: Short Films Walk NY on Oct 2

September 23, 2019

Architecture & Design Film Festival (ADFF) and Soho Design District (SDD) present our 6th Annual Short Films Walk (SFW) on October 2nd from 5pm–9pm. Each of the eight participating Soho showrooms will screen a unique program of short films curated by ADFF. The films will be shown on a loop throughout the evening so guests have the chance to view dozens of terrific short films as they walk from showroom to showroom. 

You’re invited to stroll these amazing Soho showrooms eating and drinking your way through Soho while watching films and meeting friends along the way. CLICK HERE TO RSVP.

ADFF will give away 300 FREE movie tickets to those who attend the most SFW showrooms. Tickets are for the  Architecture & Design Film Festival taking place October 16-20 at Cinepolis Chelsea. 

Some SFW Film Highlights
Slack: The New Headquarters in San Francisco
Jillian Buckley

Slack's new headquarters in San Francisco, designed by Studio O+A, draws inspiration from the process of discovery and embraces the natural beauty of the west coast.. The idea was to suggest not just a variety of topographical and botanical contexts, but to also capture the experiential links between hiking a wilderness trail and work.
The Making of MPK 21
Ali Cotrell

The latest addition to Facebook's Menlo Park campus, MPK 21, is now open for business, and it’s truly a marvel to behold. The film features an interview with legendary architect Frank Gehry, who provided unique insight into the building’s design and functionality. Also featured are Facebook’s VP of Global Facilities, John Tenanes, and VP of HR, Janelle Gale, who speak to the cultural values and priorities that drove MPK 21’s construction – from being environmentally friendly to helping Facebook be a better neighbor in the community.

Director: Hans Georg Esch

KAPSARC (King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center)  is a non-profit institution for independent research into policies that contribute to the most effective use of energy to provide social well-being worldwide. The Research Center is located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and was designed in response to the environmental conditions of the area to minimize energy and resource consumption.

The Sea Ranch: Architecture, Environment, and Idealism
Director: Peter Samis

On a ten-mile stretch of the Northern California coast lies the site of a radical architectural experiment. Learn the story behind The Sea Ranch, a place where environment informs geometry and buildings embody ideals.

Somewhere in Afife
Director: Sara Nunes

A film and portrait about the most recent project of the architect Guilherme Machado Vaz and the last day of summer at Casa em Afife in northern Portugal.

Borrego Springs Library
Director: Jeff Durkin

RNT Architects builds a library for a small desert community to give the town of Borrego Springs an identity.

Paradigm Now: The Albizia Project
Director: Rob Lau

Is the albizia tree a destructive force disrupting native ecosystems and communities in Hawaii, or the material that can awaken new paradigms through thoughtful design? Paradigm Now dives into the journey undertaken by Joseph Valenti, the architect and founder of The Albizia Project. In pioneering the housing prototype named Lika, Valenti has opened the door to sourcing timber locally, restoring ecosystems, and designing for future island resilience.

Bruder Klaus Feldkapelle
Director: Spirit of Space

Bruder Klaus Field Chapel is a landmark in Germany’s natural landscape honoring the local farms’ patron saint of the 15th century. Through film we experience a revealing sensation within the landscape and move through fields to the oculus where we are immersed in a sense of self.

“To me, buildings can have a beautiful silence that I associate with attributes such as composure, self-evidence, durability, presence and integrity, and with warmth and sensuousness as well; a building that is being itself, being a building, not representing anything, just being.” - Peter Zumthor, Architect

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