Subject: Short Films Walk 2016 - 30+ films, 14 showrooms, 10 raffles

See over 30 short films at 14 beautiful Soho design showrooms…with 10 cool items being raffled off! Plus, we’re giving away 300 tickets to this fall’s Architecture & Design Film Festival!
ADFF and Soho Design District present our 3rd Annual Short Films Walk (SFW). Each of the 14 participating Soho showrooms will screen a unique program of film shorts curated by ADFF. The films will be shown on a loop throughout the evening so guests have the chance to see dozens of terrific short films as they walk from showroom to showroom.
Screening at Aqua Gallery - 78 Greene 

Chen Chen & Kai Williams in Practice
Dir: Remy Weber and Nick Zeig-Owens

Chen Chen & Kai Williams is an experimental design studio that specializes in reconfiguring materials to make furniture, products, and interiors. This short film explores Chen Chen & Kai’s philosophy in practice, while showcasing the fruits of their playful approach to material design. Presented by A/D/O as part of a four piece series premiering at ADFF.

Raffle at Aqua Gallery

Doe Table Lamp in Rust
The Doe is the latest addition to the Orchestra Collection and expresses the essence of Aqua with its sculptural organic form inspired by nature, modern sculpture and architecture.

Screening at Artemide - 46 Greene 

ARCH 335: Rebuilding Medcamps 
Dir: Brad Deal
This short film showcases the blossoming partnership between the Design Build Studios of Louisiana Tech University and Medcamps of Louisiana, a non-profit organization that provides free summer camp experiences to children with chronic illnesses and disabilities. Their projects create one of the most engaging and meaningful learning experiences of these design student's academic careers and the partnership is not only directly benefiting a diverse and underserved user group, but is also allowing the power of public interest design to shape the next generation of architects.

Raffle at Artemide

Hoshigame Table Lamp
“IN-EI” is Japanese for “shadow, shade, nuance” and plays with the relationship between shadow and light. The collection is an evolution of the 132 5. ISSEY MIYAKE project, which uses a mathematical algorithm to create a 3-dimensional form which can be folded flat when not in use. The lamp is made out of recycled PET bottles and requires no internal frame for support.

Screening at Blackbody - 25 Greene 
Bishop Edward King Chapel
Dir: Nilesh Patel

The new Bishop Edward King Chapel was designed by Níall McLaughlin Architects and commissioned by the liberal theological college, Ripon College Cuddesdon. The clients for the project were the college itself and a small community of nuns who reside at the site, the Sisters of Begbroke. The film asks the question “can an architectural film which presents images of wood, light and stone shape our religious and spiritual life”?

Raffle at Blackbody

Best Before Lamp
“Best Before” is a cute yet functional art toy. This lamp is powered by a USB outlet so it can be plugged into an iPhone charger or into the USB outlet on your laptop or desk screen monitor. It gives off 0.75 watts of light and can last for 35,000 hours. You can also decorate the little chicken’s body with decals, marking pens or any water-based paint to make him your own.

Screening at DWR - 110 Greene

A Letter To Marcel
Dir: Jake Farmer

In 1953 Robert Snower wrote to Marcel Breuer to ask if he would be interested in designing a home for his family in Kansas City. Breuer and his team spent the next year working with Mr. Snower to customize every element of the home.

Screening at Flou - 42 Greene

Dir: Steven Yazzie
Celebration explores the story of the David and Gladys Wright House Foundation as they begin to restore and maintain the David Wright House, one of the most unique and architecturally significant designs by the American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. In the process, an Easter celebration emerges as a signature event for the community and foundation in celebrating the artistic and cultural legacy of Mr. Wright.

Screening at FontanaArte - 45 Greene 
The Guard
Dir: Jeff Durkin

Tells the story of an elegant life guard tower in Southern California. The tower's form and sighting turns a beautiful building into a critical building in helping lifeguards do their job better.

Raffle at FontanaArte

Volée by Odo Fiovaranti
This latest generation LED task-light, characterized by its minimal design and high-tech innovation, is operated by an almost tennis-like gesture: a simple swipe of the hand beneath the head turns it on and off, without any physical contact.

Screening at Foscarini - 20 Greene 
Cetra Ruddy
Dir: Cindy Allen

Nancy Ruddy and John Cetra have been crafting a new residential vernacular since they first fell in love at Columbia School of Architecture. Their complimentary talents in design, architecture, development and community building are now shaping the New York City skyline.

Raffle at Foscarini

Lumiere Piccola Table Lamp
Inspired by the classic table lamp with lampshade, Lumiere was designed in 1990 by Rodolfo Dordoni and immediately became one of the best sellers in the Foscarini collection. This fixture is known for its original and harmonious combination of the essential form of the hand blown glass diffuser and the slim support of the tripod base in aluminum alloy.

Screening at Gandia Blasco - 52 Greene 

TB House
Dir: Miguel de Guzman + Rocio Romero

TOBOGAN HOUSE: A family is looking for a new home to represent their trips around the globe, their desire to live in a garden and to embody the cinematic diversity of domestic life. The result is the design of two different houses on the same plot.

Raffle at Gandia Blasco

ARAM High Stool by Nendo
The ARAM collection is based on a traditional Indian furniture technique of weaving metal wires around a metal frame. The spacing between the wires is gradually widened, creating a gradation effect. It is a design created by Nendo through a small change to an existing technique.

Screening at Ingo Maurer - 89 Grand
Chamber Music
Dir: Katharina Blanken

Looking at the infrasonic backside, the place where the windows should be closed and the curtains drawn, a chamber group rehearses for a concert. Looking at the building, you will notice the musicians rehearse in their separately lit rooms. Every night, this results in a visual interplay of those parallel worlds - like a musical mosaic.

Screening at Luceplan - 14 Wooster

Studio O+A
Dir: Cindy Allen
Studio O+A is about crossing boundaries: taking the workplace out of office territory and into a realm all its own. Primo Orpilla and Verda Alexander take us inside these groundbreaking spaces - from Uber to Yelp.
Raffle at Luceplan

Otto Watt is the latest addition from the designers known for producing several design classics for Luceplan: Alberto Meda and Paolo Rizzatto. The perfect desk companion, this new task lamp has been developed around the circular shape of the LED source which consumes just 8 watts, as the name of the lamp indicates in Italian.

Screening at Molteni & C - 60 Greene 
Shigeru Ban ‘s Aspen Art Museum
Dir: Anton Kisselgoff & Michael O’Connel

Ban’s vision for the new museum is based on transparency and open viewing planes. The design invites those on the outside to engage with the museum’s interior and provides those inside the opportunity to interact with the mountains. This is the first U.S. museum by the architect Shigeru Ban.

Screening at Moroso - 146 Greene
Flint House
Dir: Tapio Snellman
Flint House explores the eponymous latest addition to Baron de Rothschild’s estate in Waddesdon, Buckinghamshire in England. Formed as a pair of steps and clad in a sophisticated gradient of traditional flint stone, the building presents an artificial extension to the immaculate agricultural landscape.

Raffle at Moroso

Mark Table by Marc Thorpe
The Mark Table is sheet steel with sand powder coat finish. Designed to skim over sofa cushions, it's equally useful as a side table.

Screening at Techno Gym - 70 Greene
Building Bolivian Identity with Psychedelic Architecture
Dir: Great Big Story
Freddy Mamani Silvestre invented a bold and distinctive new style of Bolivian architecture. Borrowing from indigenous Aymara culture, his buildings combine bright colors and striking spaceship-like geometry.

Raffle at Techno Gym

Wellness Ball - Active Sitting
Active Sitting is exercise equipment that can be an interesting alternative to the traditional chair - helping strengthen muscles, increase balance and improve flexibility, coordination and posture.

Screening at USM Modular Furniture - 28 Greene

Pioneer | Stephen Talasnik
Dir: Taylor Fraser

'Pioneer' is a permanent, large-scale wooden sculpture constructed at the Tippet Rise Art Center in Fishtail, Montana by Artist Stephen Talasnik. This documentary examines the sculpture's journey from inspiration to design.

Raffle at 
USM Modular Furniture

Haller Serving Cart L in red
A modern serving cart 31"W, 21"D, 26"H with handle and casters. (Delivery in the US takes 2-3 weeks.)
ADFF is proud to partner with SOHO Design District to present the 2016 Short Films Walk.

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