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RSVP Today for Short Films Walk on Oct 3
Some SFW Film Highlights

The BLOCK Project invites community into the task of ending homelessness by placing a BLOCK Home in the backyard of one single-family lot on every residentially zoned block within the City of Seattle. Each 125 sq ft home is beautifully designed to be off-grid, self-sufficient, and amenity-rich (featuring a kitchen, bathroom, sleeping area, solar-panels, greywater system, composting toilet, etc.). The BLOCK Project represents an innovative leap forward on the issues of homelessness, cross-class integration, social inclusion, and architectural design.

The Innards of the Whale
Stéphane Aboudaram

The world-known French designer Ora-Ito reveals his impressive wood sculpture at the new LVMH media headquarters in Paris.

Building Zeitz MOCAA
Director: Marcus Hawk

Thomas Heatherwick talks about reimagining historic buildings into contemporary, soulful places. His studio transformed an abandoned grain silo in Cape Town into Zeitz MOCAA, a contemporary art museum with a 10-story atrium carved from the concrete tubes.

Directors: Ou Yue & Go Takayama

MAD Architects, led by Ma Yansong, has completed the restoration of the Kiyotsu Gorge Tunnel in Japan’s Niigata Prefecture. The revitalization project sees the installation of several permanent artistic spaces along the historic lookout tunnel, with the intention of bringing back the cultural energy that once empowered the region. The “Tunnel of Light” opened on the occasion of the 2018 Echigo-Tsumari Trienniale.

Tides Rising
Director: Marianne Gerdes

Architecture students from around the Pacific learn about building, connection and friendship in a 30-day design-build project in Yantai, China. Tides Park, built in the summer of 2018, is the seventh pearl in the Pacific Rim Park series that uses the making of architecture and art to build cultural bridges of understanding between people around the Pacific.

City Hyde Park
Spirit of Space

Designed by architect Jeanne Gang, City Hyde Park introduces a new design approach to urban rental housing that builds a network between residents, their neighborhood, and the city. Where so many towers of this scale and budget fail to start conversations within the architectural community, this 14-story apartment building does the exact opposite and continues Chicago’s modernist legacy of buildings that exhibit architecture, engineering, and structure. 
In Residence: Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance
Max Hemmings

A snow-bound visit to the French designer’s deceptively simple Paris apartment in this film from Max Hemmings. Inspired by the natural stones that litter the beaches of his native Brittany, the home of French designer Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance is a minimalist paradise located in an historic building in the French capital. The pale, grey interiors are filled with family mementos and objects from his design practice, including the works of his sculptor father.
Lidewij Edelkoort: Hall of Fame 2017
Director: Jillian Buckley

The Dutch visionary, Lidewij Edelkoort, is one of the world’s most prescient and influential trend forecasters. She has a supernatural ability to see what’s ahead in the sociocultural sphere, not only in interiors but also in consumer products, fashion, retail merchandising, and even flavor profiles. Join Interior Design Magazine’s Cindy Allen as she explores the mind of this design oracle to find out how Edelkoort divines the next trend.

To See the Invisible
Director: John Moody
A portrait of Anne Whiston Spirn, who won the 2018 Cooper Hewitt National Design Award in the category of "Design Mind," which is given “in recognition of a visionary who has had a profound impact on design theory, practice or public awareness."

Vishal Vittal

What is freedom of speech and how can it be reflected through architecture and history? Vishal Vittal’s architecture film about the Estonian National Museum discusses freedom of speech and censorship, while reflecting the change in people who transferred from Soviet Union to independent Estonia.
Earthships | That's Amazing

Architect Mike Reynolds believes the future of energy conservation lies within the way we construct our homes. His original “Earthship” was created in the desert of New Mexico as a fully self-sustainable house, and today it is estimated that there are roughly 3,500 of them across the globe, housing around 7,500 people.

Director: MarQ Morrison

Architect Kumu Francis Palani Sinenci leads the revival of an ancient Hawaiian Hale building in an effort to save indigenous cultural practices.

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