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Drafting Studio - Building 7 on map
June 18, 2020

Every Father's Day weekend for the past 36 years, art and architecture lovers from around the world have traveled to Santa Ysabel, California for the annual Hubbell Open House. James Hubbell and his wife, Anne, open up their historic Ilan-Lael home and studio compound of 13 buildings, beautiful gardens and endless amounts of site specific art, for a memorable tour. Their enchanted property, 90 minutes east of San Diego at an elevation of 3,500 feet, looks out to the Pacific Ocean and Volcan Mountain. When tickets go on sale, the Open House, with its amazing surroundings, sells out quickly. This event is an essential fundraiser for the Ilan-Leal Foundation.

Sadly, the onsite tours have been canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic. But we’d like to turn this canceled event into an opportunity to reach a much greater audience that can enjoy this magical setting of art and architecture — with a virtual tour.

Ilan Lael Center - Building 16 on map
Kiva Gallery - Building 10 on the map
This online 50-minute tour takes viewers around the 40-acre property and provides insight into the art that is being created in the studios. The virtual tour will be available for streaming all weekend (June 20 - 21) for $9.99.

For tickets, click here or go to where you can learn more about James Hubbell and this amazing and dynamic setting that unites art, nature and the community.

On a personal note...

I have been a friend and colleague of Jim Hubbell for over 25 years and am proud to be a board member of the Ilan-Leal Foundation. One of the international projects Jim and I oversee is called Pacific Rim Park. Each of the Pacific Rim Park projects is built by an international team of architecture students from around the Pacific Rim who go through a month-long design/build process. We build each park as a way of teaching students to work together and experience a true collaborative process. It's a model of cultural diplomacy and a positive example of how cultures working together for a common goal can create something beautiful — a lesson that’s particularly relevant during this current global pandemic. To date, we have parks in China, Taiwan, South Korea and the Philippines...even Russia, Mexico and the U.S. All of the sites are on the Pacific Ocean and open to the public. If you want to know more about the Pacific Rim Parks, here’s a link to a 20-minute film made by a team of filmmakers from South Korea.

Kyle Bergman
ADFF Founder and Festival Director

Below are a couple pics from the Pacific Rim Parks project….

Pacific Rim Park, Yantai China (2018)
Pacific Rim Park, San Diego (1998)
Pacific Rim Park, Jeju Korea (2013)
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