Subject: ADFF:Vancouver starts Thursday!

November 5, 2019

ADFF will be making its debut in Canada with ADFF:Vancouver from November 7 - 10, 2019.

Opening night screenings of City Dreamers are sold out. However, there are still 18 other screenings to attend. Including one more screening of City Dreamers on Saturday followed by a Talk. To see a full list of the speakers this week click here.

ADFF:Vancouver will feature one world premiere and six Canadian premieres. Here are the films being shown with links to tickets...

World Premiere
Director: Andrée Cazabon
2019 / 30 min / Canada

Architect Douglas Cardinal's path in life has seldom been as smooth as the lines on the buildings he designs. An Anishinaabe raised in Blackfoot territory, Cardinal's curvilinear vision has produced instantly-recognizable monuments to Indigenous culture in the national capitals of both Canada and the United States. Co-presented by UBC's School of Architecture & Landscape Architecture.

Preceded by the short film Gathering Circle

Canadian Premiere
Director: Britni Harris
2019 / 96 min / USA

Bruce Goff was one of the greatest American architects of the 20th century. His unconventional perspective challenged stigmas about the Midwest’s inability to produce innovative work. A peer to Frank Lloyd Wright, his work had a profound influence on the next generation of architects, including Phillip Johnson and Frank Gehry.

Preceded by the short film A Place of Second Chances

Canadian Premiere
Director: Marianne Gerdes
2019 / 66 min / USA

James Hubbell has been driven to have a conversation with the world, using his art and his architecture to give flight to his deepest beliefs. Inspired by nature and filled with humanity, at age 87, his is a quiet, yet compelling voice of an artist who shows us that creativity transcends everything.

Preceded by the short film A Little Piece of Earth

Canadian Premiere
Directors: Lene Borch Hansen & Anna von Lowzow

At the age of 37 Jørn Utzon designed The Sydney Opera House – a structure destined to be the most famous building in the 20th century, propelling him to the status of stardom in the world of architecture. 

Preceded by the short film A Day in the Life of the National Arts Centre

Canadian Premiere
Directors: Loretta Dalpozzo & Michèle Volontè
2018 / 78 min / Switzerland

This documentary is a rare, in-depth artistic journey into the work of internationally acclaimed Swiss architect Mario Botta. The film explores Botta’s ever-growing curiosity and reflections on the contradictions of society, through his sacred spaces.

A Poetics of Living
Canadian Premiere
Directors: Damien Faure & Caroline Alder
2018 / 59 min / France

This film tells the story of The Open City (Ciudad Abierta), a utopian community just north of Valparaiso that was founded by Chilean architect Alberto Cruz and the Argentinian poet Godofredo Iommi.
That Far Corner: Frank Lloyd Wright in Los Angeles
Canadian Premiere
Director: Christopher Hawthorne
2018 / 56 min / USA

During his time in Southern California in the 1910s and early 1920s, Frank Lloyd Wright accelerated the search for an authentic L.A. architecture that might be experimental but also responsive to the city's history, culture and landscape.

Friday, Nov 8 @ 8:45 pm
Architecture of Infinity
Director: Christoph Schaub
2019 / 86 min / USA

Temporality and age are inherent in every object and creature and, depending on one’s outlook, may transcend to infinity. How can this be imagined? What goes beyond it? The filmmaker Christoph Schaub starts his personal journey through time and space in his childhood, when his fascination with sacred buildings began.

Preceded by the short film James Turrell: You Who Look

 Sunday, Nov 10 @ 9:00 pm

City Dreamers
Director: Joseph Hillel
2018 / 80 min / Canada

Phyllis Lambert, Blanche Lemco van Ginkel, Cornelia Hahn Oberlander, Denise Scott Brown – four trailblazers who became accustomed to being the only woman in the room. Each has an extensive list of accomplishments in architecture, planning and landscape architecture dating back 60+ years and has taught, mentored and inspired generations of professionals.

Thursday, Nov 7 @ 7:00 pm w/ Q&A  [ SOLD OUT]
Thursday, Nov 7 @ 7:15 pm w/ Q&A  [ SOLD OUT]
City Everywhere: Stories from the Post Anthropocene
Director: Liam Young
2018 / 45 min / USA

Join speculative architect Liam Young and an all-seeing smart city operating system as they take a tour in a driverless taxi on a storytelling tour to explore City Everywhere, a quasi-fictional city of the near future.

Design Canada
Director: Greg Durrell
2017 / 76 min / Canada

Design Canada follows the transformation of a nation from a colonial outpost to a vibrant and multicultural society. What defines a national identity? Is it an anthem? A flag? A logo or icon? How do these elements shape who we are? In the 1960s and 1970s, these questions were answered by an innovative group of Canadian designers, who used design to unify the nation.

Preceded by the short film Form and Place - Patkau Architects

The Human Shelter
DirectorBoris Benjamin Bertram
2018 / 57 min / Denmark

This documentary is an anthropological and poetic journey, investigating how we, as human beings, create our homes. In a sentient and playful way, the film explores our idea of the concept of ‘home’.

Preceded by the short film What It Takes to Make a Home

Integral Man
Director: Joseph Clement
2016 / 62 min / Canada

After Euclid, Toronto’s Jim Stewart is the most published mathematician in the world. Stewart spent a decade building the home of his dreams to reflect his two obsessions: curves and music. A stunning architectural gem of subtly curved wood and vast, evocative spaces, the house stands in Toronto’s Rosedale neighborhood and is considered by many as one of the city’s best performance spaces.

Preceded by the short film The EastPoint Project

Director: Fredrik Gertten
2019 / 92 min / Sweden

PUSH is a new documentary from award-winning director Fredrik Gertten, investigating why we can’t afford to live in our own cities anymore. Housing is a fundamental human right, a precondition to a safe and healthy life. But in cities all around the world, having a place to live is becoming more and more difficult. Who are the players and what are the factors that make housing one of today’s most pressing world issues?

Director: Gary Hustwit
2018 / 70 min / USA

Rams is filmmaker Gary Hustwit’s new documentary about legendary designer Dieter Rams. For over fifty years, Rams has left an indelible mark on the field of product design with his iconic work at Braun and Vitsoe, and his influence on Apple. So at 86 years old, why does he now regret being a designer? Rams is a rumination on consumerism, materialism, and sustainability.

Renzo Piano: The Architect of Light
Director: Carlos Saura
2018 / 70 min / Spain

Celebrated Spanish director Carlos Saura captures the genius of one of the most famous Italian architects in the world, Renzo Piano. The brilliant designer behind structures including the Center Pompidou in Paris, the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome and The New York Times Building in midtown Manhattan, Saura follows Piano during the design of the Botín Center in Santander, Spain.

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