Subject: ADFF opens this Tuesday Oct 13th

October 9, 2015

"Architecture and Design Film Festival" -  The lineup for this festival may seem niche, but the subject matter affects out daily lives: housing, preservation, the environment. Highlights include a virtual reality lounge, a Rizzoli pop-up bookstore and the screening of “The Infinite Happiness” (Oct. 13 at 8 p.m.), about the “8 House” building in Copenhagen by the Danish Architect Bjarke Ingels. A complete schedule is at 
October 13 -18
Bow Tie Chelsea Cinemas, 260 West 23rd Street

Film highlights include:

Opening Night Film - 10/13
Sunday 10/18

Conceived as a personal video diary, The Infinite Happiness is an architectural experience. The film takes us to the heart of a contemporary housing development considered to be a new model of success. Inhabiting the giant “8 House” built by Danish Architect Bjarke Ingels in the suburb of Copenhagen, Ila Bêka and Louise Lemoine recount their subjective experience of living inside this experiment of a “vertical village” 

Join directors Ila Bêka & Louise Lemoine
for a Q&A following the 10/13 screening.

Wednesday 10/14 @ 9:15
Friday 10/16 @ 9:45

Talking To My Father features two voices from two eras concerned with how Irish identity is understood through the architecture that surrounds it. Modern architecture in Ireland had reached a high point in the early sixties and one of its most celebrated and influential figures was Robin Walker. A quarter century after his premature death, Simon Walker addresses his father again and explores the legacy of his life’s work.

Join Architect Simon Walker for a Q&A following the screenings.
Friday 10/16 @ 7:00
Saturday 10/17 @ 9:30

Concrete Love is the first and only documentary about one of Germany’s pre-eminent architects, Gottfried Böhm. The only German laureate of the prestigious Pritzker Prize for Architecture, he is also the patriarch of an architecture dynasty to which his sons Stephan, Peter and Paul belong. But with the death of his wife Elisabeth, a key source of inspiration for all the Böhms, the family loses its emotional lodestone. The film paints an intimate and pointed portrait of the complexity and inseparability of love, art and architecture.

Join Swiss Director Maurizius Staerkle-Drux
for a Q&A following the screening. Introduction remarks from Maura Williams of Marvin Windows.

Thursday 10/15 @ 8:00
Saturday 10/17 @ 6:45

Collaborations is a feature-length documentary on the work of British-Ghanaian architect David Adjaye. The film features interviews with Adjaye’s collaborators, a roster of influential figures in the art and cultural world as well as a significant number of his architectural projects, including public buildings, residential houses, artist studios and exhibition spaces developed over the past 15 years. The collaborators – artists, curators and writers, most of them interviewed ‘on site’ – give creative insights into Adjaye’s buildings, while offering a highly personal perspective on their particular collaboration. By looking at the work through the eyes of others, the understanding of the architectural approach is enhanced, personalized and broadened to encompass a wider discourse.
Wednsday 10/14 @ 9:30
Saturday 10/17 @ 8:15

This portrait of a London brutalistic icon is an intimate and lively survey of a masterpiece, the Barbican Arts Centre and Estate. The building is of significant historical and cultural significance for London, and the development of the building is a well-known example of ‘urban gentrification’. Designed as a video diary of a month-long immersion in the life of the Barbican, it's an intimate and lively map of this brutalist masterpiece—from the upper floors of the towers to the underground levels of the arts center.

Join directors Ila Bêka & Louise Lemoine
for a Q&A following the 10/14 screening.
Friday 10/16 @ 6:45
Sunday 10/18 @ 8:45

Drawing on Life is a film that follows a series of Irish architects in their studios and the places they like to draw. It eavesdrops on their discussions and thoughts in order to explore and reveal their use of drawing. We see them drawing in cafes, over the drawing table and sketching out their ideas as they talk about projects. The film frames eight short portraits of architects and practices as cinematic windows into this very individual world of drawing.

Thursday 10/15 @ 7:00
Sunday 10/18 @ 5:30

This short documentary film directed and produced by Bob Eisenhardt recreates a genuine sense of the personal presence of the late modern architect, Paul Rudolph, and the ambience of his studio. Mr. Rudolph was widely recognized within the architectural profession as spontaneously brilliant — the unchallenged master of space and the manipulation of form. The film was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Short.

Join Director Bob Eisenhardt for a Q&A after the screenings.
Saturday 10/17 @ 3:30
Sunday 10/18 @ 8:15

Taking us on a journey back in time to our recent futuristic past, this film is about the rise and fall of the plastic Futuro House, a Space Age utopia that almost became a reality. The ‘Futuro leisure home’ designed by Architect Matti Suuronen was unveiled in 1968 and licensed to 24 different countries. It is both a product of its time and a utopian vision of ‘a new stance for tomorrow’. Its flying saucer-like elliptic shape reflects late 60s optimism about the forthcoming conquest of space. Mankind was believed to be entering a new era in which technology would solve all imaginable problems; “By the 1980s entire blocks of flats will be constructed out of plastic”.

Thursday 10/15 @ 9:00
Saturday 10/17 @ 9:00

Under The Skin of Design tells the story of award-winning architecture where design is used as an agent of change. This film is about the relocation and construction of the award-wining building at Ravensbourne. Cross-layered with human moments and startlingly frank interviews featuring world-renowned Charles Jencks and Alejandro Zaera-Polo (Foreign Office Architects), the film reveals not only the vision and creativity but also the pressure and politics under the skin of this unique iconic structure. With this story we take a fresh look at how people and organizations affect the built environment, addressing economic, social and organizational dynamics, aesthetics and buildability – illustrating the power of place in our everyday lives.

Join Director Audrey Aquilina and Architect Alejandro Zaera-Polo for a Q&A after the 10/17 screening.

Thursday 10/15 @ 9:30
Saturday 10/17 @ 4:00

This documentary follows the process of designing a single family house in the Netherlands and details the relationship between the architect (Ben van Berkel) and the couple who have commissioned him to design their dream home. Through interviews with these three protagonists we see how the conceptual and practical desires of the client are translated into architectural solutions and how all three respond to the results of this collaboration.

Architecture & Design Film Festival, 200 E 10th Street # 1018, New York, NY 10003, United States
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