Subject: ADFF October 27 2016 Newsletter

October 27, 2016

ADFF 2016, which took place in New York, was our best event yet, with amazing films, speakers and a fantastic venue. One great addition to ADFF 2016 was our Presenting Partner A/D/O. ADFF and A/D/O share many core values: a strong commitment to the creative design process, creating an opportunity for a varity of design disciplines to come together and creating a better bridge between the professional design community and the general public. We’re excited to share more about A/D/O:
Introducing A/D/O
A/D/O is a new creative space opening in Greenpoint, Brooklyn this year. The 23,000 square foot warehouse, re-designed by nARCHITECTS, is dedicated to advancing the work of design professionals across disciplines -- including architecture, product design, industrial design, graphic design and user experience. A/D/O will feature a workspace with a prototyping lab (pictured below) and an in-house startup accelerator.
Built for designers yet open to all, A/D/O provides exclusive benefits to its members while inviting a broader community of creative people to work casually from the space and engage with its various public programs: exhibitions, events, a world-class restaurant by Claus Meyer and Fredrik Berselius and a shop dedicated to showcasing inspiring design (including the work of designers based at A/D/O).
ADFF and A/D/O
Check out A/D/O’s contribution to our festival: “Design in Practice,” a series of short films featuring designers at crucial stages of growth in their creative development. These documentaries tell stories of design that are both inspirational and sympathetic, evoking the universal creative challenges of risk, exploration and perseverance.
This short film explores the work of Cas Holman, a designer focused on empowering children through play. For Cas, design is a means to an end: not about the object, but what the object facilitates. The ideal toy, says Cas, is a tree and a pile of mud, sand, sticks and water - and the best toys encourage the same spirit of constructive play. Watch Film
Chen Chen & Kai Williams is an experimental design studio that specialises in reconfiguring materials to make furniture, products and interiors. This short film explores Chen Chen & Kai’s philosophy in practice, while showcasing the fruits of their playful approach to material design. Watch Film
This short film offers a glimpse into the lives and home development lab of Che-Wei Wang and Taylor Levy, founders of art and design studio CW&T. With experience-driven creations ranging from software to buildings and clocks to jump ropes, CW&T’s practice is radically varied and acutely individual. Watch Film
January 2017
This winter, we will continue our partnership with A/D/O and have special screenings in the A/D/O space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Stay tuned for details, which will be announced in December.
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