Subject: ADFF October 08, 2013 Newsletter

ADFF Newsletter 10.08 .2013

Yesterday the Center for Architecture in New York celebrated its 10th anniversary. Congratulations to everybody who has contributed to the Center's success!!!

Tickets for this year's festival are selling quickly; two programs are already sold out. Below are some program highlights with quick links to trailers and tickets.

Film highlights 
This past March Helsinki Music Centre – Prelude  won the prestigious Grand Prize at the 2013 International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA) in Montreal.

The film provides an overview of the history of the creation of the Helsinki Music Centre, a project that sparked a vast debate over its high cost at a time when Europe was in difficult financial times. The tension of creating an important cultural arts building in such times is an age-old struggle. This film features comments by its four main players: the centre's director, Helena Hiilivirta, Chief Architect Marko Kivistö and two young conductors, Dalia Stasevska and Santtu-Matias Rouvali.

Thursday,10/17 @ 5:30  
Sunday, 10/20 @ 7:15.  The Finnish Consul General to the US, Jukka Pietikäinen, will introduce the film.
Away from All Suns! is the story of forgotten treasures that lurk in the back alleys of Moscow: Utopian buildings built in the 1920s in the spirit of Russian constructivism. Are they calling out to us? What are they trying to say?

The film follows three Muscovites who are struggling with their buildings’ heritage. Elena is fighting to save her apartment building and a printing plant next door – the only building left by avant-garde artist El Lissitzky. Donatas is striving to live with his friends in an artists´ commune. Vsevolod wants to bring back to life an architectural landmark – but he has to remodel it.

What do these buildings hold for us? What will be wiped out once the last ones fall prey to decay or into the hands of real estate-investors? The filmmaker works with passages of manifestos by Rodchenko, El Lissitzky and Vesnin, as well as rare documentary footage from early Soviet film. It's a journey through time to the revolutionary 1920s and a portrait of Russian society today. 
Saturday, 10/19 @ 9:15  Q&A to follow with the director
Sunday, 10/20 @ 9:15  Q&A to follow with the director 
My Brooklyn follows Director Kelly Anderson's journey to understand the forces reshaping her neighborhood. The film documents the makeover of downtown Brooklyn's Fulton Mall, a bustling and profitable African-American and Caribbean commercial district that is nonetheless viewed by the city, the media, and its new residents, as a failure. As a hundred small businesses are displaced to make way for luxury condos and chain retail, Anderson uncovers the people and policies that drive seemingly natural neighborhood change. The film's ultimate question becomes, who has a right to live in the city and determine its future? 
Thursday, 10/17 @ 9:30 Q&A to follow with the director
Saturday, 10/19 @ 9:30 Q&A to follow with the director
Last spring, Paola Solari passed away at 93 years old. The Vision of Paolo Soleri: Prophet in the Desert uncovers Soleri's legacy as an architect, environmentalist and philosopher. The film is less about the famous bells and structures of Arcosanti and more about what inspired Mr. Soleri and the ideas and values he struggled with. Director Lisa Scafuro and video game designer Will Wright of SimCity will be on hand for Q&As after each screening.
Saturday, 10/19 @ 7:15 Q&A to follow
Sunday, 10/20 @ 5:00 Q&A to follow
Panel discussion highlight

Sunday, October 20 (5:30–6:30pm)

Midnight and Modernism in Moscow

Rick Bell, executive director, AIA New York and the Center for Architecture, will lead a fascinating panel discussion on Russian modernism and the spirit of Russian constructivist architecture with Isabella Willinger, the filmmaker and director of Away From All Suns! Also present will be Architect Dr. Regina Khidekel, Yale PhD student Anya Bokov, and founder of the Intercontinental Curatorial Project, Vladimir Belogolovsky. 

Don’t forget to thank our sponsors if you see them. Without their support, the festival would not be possible.
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