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September 20, 2017

Films for ADFF New York have been selected. This fall ADFF will present 18 film programs with more than 30 films which were selected from over 300 submissions. ADFF is honored to present four world premieres, five US premieres and four New York premieres. Tickets will go on sale October 4. 
Selected films from this year's ADFF NY programs
Building Hope: The Maggie's Centres
Director: Sarah Howitt
2016 / 59 min / UK – US Premiere 

This fascinating story of Maggie's, a unique cancer charity, began life in Edinburgh in 1996. In 1993, Maggie Keswick Jencks was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was told she had three months to live. On hearing this devastating news she was left to sit on a plastic chair in a hospital corridor. The only place she could find to cry was a toilet cubicle. Her husband and co-founder Charles Jencks, said:

“I think that initial shock was certainly the moment when Maggie thought we can do better than this. You don’t have to suffer in a corridor on death row having just been told that you are going to die. That was the moment architecture and medicine met in our minds.”

In the the last year of her life, Maggie spent her time working on an idea for a cancer centre which she hoped would change the lives of other cancer sufferers. Since her death the most prominent names in architecture from Zaha Hadid, Norman Foster, Frank Gehry and others have designed astonishing landmark buildings bearing her name.

Integral Man
Director: Joseph Clement
2016 / 62 min / Canada – US Premiere

After Euclid, Toronto’s Jim Stewart is the most published mathematician in the world. Stewart spent a decade and a small fortune building the home of his dreams to reflect his two obsessions: curves and music. The completed home, called Integral House, provides him with both. A stunning architectural gem of subtly curved wood and vast, evocative spaces, the house stands in Toronto’s Rosedale neighborhood and is considered by many one of the city’s best performance spaces. Stewart took joy in hosting his trademark musical evenings with world-class guests, including the likes of Grammy–nominated Canadian soprano Measha Brueggergosman, featured in the film. This debut film by landscape designer and artist Joseph Clement is an impressive work of art with its masterful combination of beautiful soundscapes and gorgeous architectural details. It ultimately delivers a finely crafted portrait of Stewart and his beloved home.

Director: Reiner Holzemer
2017 / 90 min / Belgium & Germany – NY Premiere

For the first time fashion designer Dries Van Noten allows a filmmaker to accompany him in his creative process and rich home life. For an entire year Reiner Holzemer documents the precise steps that Dries takes to conceive of four collections -  the rich fabrics, embroidery and prints exclusive to his designs … as well as the emblematic fashion shows that bring his collections to the world and have become cult “must sees” at Paris Fashion Week.
This film offers an insight into the life, mind and creative heart of a master fashion designer who, for more than 25 years, has remained independent in a landscape of fashion consolidation and globalization.  Original music by Colin Greenwood of Radiohead, and Matthew Herbert and Sam Petts-Davies.
Kevin Roche: The Quiet Architect
Director: Mark Noonan
2017 / 81 min / Ireland – US Premiere

Still working at age 95, Pritzker Prize-winning, Irish-American architect Kevin Roche is an enigma. He’s reached the top of his profession, but has little interest in celebrity and eschews the label “Starchitect”. Despite a lifetime of acclaimed work that includes the Ford Foundation, Oakland Museum of California and 40 years designing new galleries for The Metropolitan Museum in New York, he has no intention of ever retiring and keeps looking forward. Roche's architectural philosophy focuses on creating “a community for a modern society” and he has been credited with creating green buildings before they became part of the public consciousness.
Other ADFF events happening this week
We are excited about our first ever festival in Montana! Tippet Rise is not only known for their classical music, but also amazing land art. For the film selection, we have included Leaning into the Wind, a new film about the British artist Andy Goldsworthy. We will also have a special panel about land art with artist Stephen Talasnik, whose work Satellite # 5, Pioneer 2016 can be seen at Tippet Rise, as well as the architect Antón García-Abril of Ensamble Studio, who has three monumental sculptures at Tippet Rise.    

Rooftop Screening
Chicago Ace Hotel
September 26

I Look Up Film Challenge
2017 / Grand Prize Winner and First and Second Runner-up films

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) will present the world premiere of the winning short films from the third annual I Look Up Film Challenge. This year’s challenge called for films that highlight projects and architects that are helping to change communities for the better. AIA grand prize winning director will be on hand to receive an award.

Design That Heals
Directed by Alan Ricks and Thatcher Bean
2016 / 31 min / USA

Can a building help stem the tide of large epidemics? Haitian infectious disease specialist Dr. Jean-William Pape has dedicated much of his life to combating diarrheal diseases that harm and kill Haiti’s poor, many of whom lack access to clean water, toilets and latrines. In the midst of the world’s worst cholera outbreak in over a century, Dr. Pape challenged MASS Design Group to design a cholera treatment center where the construction process, as well as the finished building, could address the underlying structural and social conditions that allow cholera to thrive.

Followed by a Q&A with the architects Alan Ricks and Thatcher Bean of MASS Design.

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