Subject: ADFF Newsletter August 23, 2018

August 23, 2018

ADFF:NY is getting ready to launch our 10th season this fall! We will also be celebrating our fifth anniversary of the Short Films Walk on October 3rd with 12 showrooms from the Soho Design District participating. 
We will announce the entire schedule of more than 30 films, panels, guest speakers and event highlights in early September. Here's a sneak peek.
LEANING OUT (Opening Night)
Directors: Basia and Leonard Myszynski
2018 / 59 min / USA / World Premiere

Leaning Out is a documentary that tells the neglected story of the lead structural engineer of the World Trade Center, Leslie E Robertson. The film follows Leslie’s journey as a young engineer who oversaw the construction of the tallest building on the planet and is now haunted by its collapse and the events of 9/11 ever since. This bond with humanity solidified his place in American history. Capturing a story about innovation, wind engineering and visionary collaborations with references to landmark structures around the world, directors Basia and Leonard Myszynski share a rare glimpse into the private and professional life of this important man. A pacifist and activist, it is Robertson's fight for human rights that drives him and a woman
engineer who expands his worldview and ultimately saves him.
Image: Courtesy of Leslie E Robertson
Building Justice
Director: Ultan Guilfoyle
2018 / 70 min / USA / World Premiere

At the invitation of George Soros and his Open Society Foundation, architect Frank Gehry arranged two ‘masters’ studios, one in SCI-Arc in Los Angeles, the other at the Yale School of Architecture, to investigate prison design as a subject for the best architecture students in the country. Partnering with Susan Burton of the New Way of Life Reentry Project in Compton, California, Gehry and his students explored all aspects of prison design, learning first-hand the design flaws of prison life from women who have been incarcerated in America's worst prisons...and visiting what are considered to be the world’s most successful prisons—in Norway.

Mies On Scene. Barcelona in two acts
Directors: Xavi Campreciós and Pep Martín
2018 / 59 min / Spain / NY Premiere

Mies on Scene. Barcelona in two acts tells the story of one of the most famous architectural works of the 20th century, which had disappeared for more than 50 years. The German Pavilion for the Barcelona International Exhibition of 1929 was controversially disassembled only 8 months after its opening. Architects did not forget this iconic structure and in 1986, after years of perseverance, it was reconstructed exactly in the same place. Surrounded by myths and speculation, statements and questions, the documentary tell the story of the pavilion and its creators, beginning with the pivotal moment when Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich would design the mise-en-scène that would change the course of history. Trailer.
Enough White Teacups
Director: Michelle Bauer Carpenter
2018 / 59 min / USA / NY Premiere

Enough White Teacups documents the Danish non-profit INDEX: Design to Improve Life in a thought-provoking film that explores their history as an international design competition and highlights the most innovative INDEX award winners. The film showcases how design can be used to plan and build affordable housing, prevent blindness, destroy land mines, deliver vaccines and blood in remote areas, clean up the oceans and help prevent infant and mother mortality, among many others. Co-presented by the Danish Consulate, Enough White Teacups examines sustainable designs/inventions that embrace the principles of social, economic and ecological sustainability. Trailer.
Renzo Piano: The Architect of Light (Closing Night)
Director: Carlos Saura
2018 / 70 min / Spain / US Premiere

Celebrated Spanish director Carlos Saura captures the genius of one of the most famous Italian architects in the world, Renzo Piano—the brilliant designer behind structures including the Center Pompidou in Paris, the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome and The New York Times Building in midtown Manhattan. Saura follows Piano during the design of the Botín Center in Santander, Spain and the story becomes a reflection on the creative process.
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