Subject: ADFF March 13, 2019 Newsletter

March 13, 2019

ADFF:LA opens today! Taking place March 13 - 17 at The Los Angeles Theater Center, the festival will showcase 12 film programs with 23 films from around the world. 

Along with film screenings, ADFF:LA showcases panels and Q&As featuring renown speakers from the industry. This year, ADFF:LA welcomes speakers Frances Anderton,  Christopher Hawthorne, Leslie E Robertson, Jonathan Ward, Ultan Guilfoyle, Michael Webb and others.

We invite you to check out our virtual reality lounge, which includes four unique virtual reality experiences for everyone to try. Kilograph presents Suspension House, an award-winning virtual reality experience and example of architecture existing in harmony with nature, as well as Kol Emeth, a guided virtual reality experience that touches on the emotional nature of space. Morphosis presents a series of immersive virtual reality vignettes about being(s) in space(s), using architectural language and content from current projects. And Block’hood, created by Jose Sanchez, is an award-winning city building video game exploring notions of crowdsourced urbanism. The game can also be seen in the film Gaming The Real World, screening this Saturday and Sunday at ADFF:LA. 

Our lounge will also be showing a selection of 2018 AIA Film Challenge award-winning short films to enjoy between film screenings. Stop in any time throughout the day to peruse Archinect Outpost's pop-up book store, try a free cup of their Brutal Coffee and chat with fellow festival-goers. We look forward to seeing you this week at ADFF:LA! 

Some of our feature films ...
Director: Gary Hustwit
2018 / 70 min / USA

3/14 @ 8:30 Buy Tickets
3/17 @ 7:15 Buy Tickets

Rams is a documentary portrait of Dieter Rams, one of the most influential designers alive, and a rumination on consumerism, sustainability and the future of design. For over fifty years, Dieter Rams has left an indelible mark on the field of product design and the world at large with his iconic work at Braun and Vitsoe. His work has influenced the way most of today's consumer products look and function. The computer or mobile device you’re reading this on looks the way it does because of Dieter Rams. 

Gaming The Real World
Director: Anders Eklund
2016 / 73 min / Sweden

3/16 @ 3:45 w/ Panel Buy Tickets
3/17 @ 3:00  Buy Tickets

Can games change the world? Today public spaces and entire cities are being designed, planned and played through the medium of games. The result of this “civic gamification” is that city architecture and urban planning is being democratized. Cities have become ground zero for digital innovation and the debate about how our cities evolve has suddenly gone viral.

Renzo Piano: The Architect of Light
Director: Carlos Saura
2018 / 65 min / Spain 

3/15 @ 6:15 Buy Tickets
3/16 @ 8:15 Buy Tickets

Celebrated Spanish director Carlos Saura captures the genius of one of the most famous Italian architects in the world, Renzo Piano. The brilliant designer behind structures including the Center Pompidou in Paris, the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome and The New York Times Building in midtown Manhattan, Saura follows Piano during the design of the Botín Center in Santander, Spain. The story becomes a reflection on his creative process.

Design Canada 
Director: Greg Durrell
2017 / 76 min / Canada 

3/15 @ 6:00  Buy Tickets
3/16 @ 6:00  Buy Tickets

Through the lens of graphic design, Design Canada follows the transformation of a nation from a colonial outpost to a vibrant and multicultural society. What defines a national identity, is it an anthem? A flag? Is it a logo or icon? How do these elements shape who we are? In the 1960s and 1970s, these questions were answered by an innovative group of Canadian designers, who used design to unify the nation.

Director: Premjit Ramachandran
2009 / 74 min / India

3/16 @ 1:45 Buy Tickets
3/17 @ 1:00 Buy Tickets

In a career spanning almost 70 years, the work of architect Balkrishna Doshi - aka B.V. Doshi - has mirrored the evolution of contemporary Indian architecture. Doshi's first job under the French architect Le Corbusier (who designed the Indian city Chandigarh) had a profound impact on him but he has often sought to interpret Corbusier's modernism through local conditions of site, climate and available technology. 

Enough White Teacups
Director: Michelle Bauer Carpenter
2018 / 59 min / USA 

3/16 @ 1:30 Buy Tickets
3/17 @ 1:15 Buy Tickets

This documentary explores the Danish non-profit INDEX: Design to Improve Life, an international design competition. It highlights the most innovative INDEX award winners, and shows how design can be used to plan and build affordable housing, prevent blindness, destroy landmines … even deliver vaccines and blood to remote places, clean up oceans, prevent infant mortality, and much more. 

Do More With Less
Directors: Katerina Kliwadenko and Mario Novas
2017 / 84 min / Ecuador

3/15 @ 8:00 Buy Tickets
3/16 @ 8:00 Buy Tickets

Do More With Less shows how young architects are changing the paradigm by offering a new understanding of the way architecture interacts with society. The construction of real projects by students allows them the transformation from the theoretical to the practical. The film is a survey of many projects in South and Central America.


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