Subject: ADFF: LA Day 2, March 15

March 15, 2018

Last night's opening night reception and screening of Ghost Story and BIG TIME was a ton of fun!  Here are a few images.
Kelly Lynch, Kyle Bergman, Mitch Glazer
Elizabeth Wagner, Clive Wilkinson
Rick Gooding, Susan Chang, Kyle Bergman, Joey Shimoda
Junix Alcayaga,  Adrian Parra
Sarah Elgart, Stephen Glassman
Edie Cohen, Kyle Bergman
Megan Reilly, Andre Floyd
Festival Highlights for Today
Designing Life: The Modernist
Architecture of Albert C. Ledner

Director: Catherine Ledner & Roy Beeson
2017 / 47 min / USA
March 15 @ 6:45 Buy Tickets 

Come hear film director Catherine Ledner in a post-screening Q&A.

Designing Life is an in-depth exploration of an influential New Orleans modernist architect, whose buildings for the National Maritime Union in the 1960s are now iconic figures in the NYC landscape. The film follows Albert Ledner’s journey from post WWII student of Frank Lloyd Wright at Taliesin to his last day of work. 

Ledner passed away last November at the age of 93. With interviews and on-site tours of his buildings, Albert details his thoughts and personal inspirations for his varied and experimental designs.
Frey: Part 1 - The Architectural Envoy
Director: Jake Gorst
2018 / 65 min / USA
March 15 @ 6:15 Buy Tickets 

Come hear film producer Kirk Brown in a post-screening Q&A.

Albert Frey, the unpretentious Swiss-born mid-20th century architect, aided in the introduction of Corbusian-influenced modernism to the United States. Through his innate curiosity of the American landscape, he developed an extraordinary design style, blending industrial techniques and a love of nature.

This film explores his formative years while working closely with Le Corbusier in Europe. It also shows his important transition to America, including the famed Aluminaire House, the Canvas Weekend House, the New York Museum of Modern Art, as well as his Kocher-Samson Building in Palm Springs. The film reveals why Frey is such a significant force in the development of modernism in the United States.


Integral Man
Director: Joseph Clement
2016 / 62 min / Canada
March 15 8:45 @  Buy Tickets 

Come hear film director Joseph Clement in a post-screening Q&A.

After Euclid, Toronto’s Jim Stewart is the most published mathematician in the world. Stewart spent a decade and a small fortune building the home of his dreams to reflect his two obsessions: curves and music. The completed home, called Integral House, provides him with both. A stunning architectural gem of subtly curved wood and vast, evocative spaces, the house stands in Toronto’s Rosedale neighborhood and is considered by many one of the city’s best performance spaces. Stewart took joy in hosting his trademark musical evenings with world-class guests, including the likes of Grammy–nominated Canadian soprano Measha Brueggergosman, featured in the film. This debut film by landscape designer and artist Joseph Clement is an impressive work of art with its masterful combination of beautiful soundscapes and gorgeous architectural details. It ultimately delivers a finely crafted portrait of Stewart and his beloved home.
Made in Ilima
Director: Thatcher Bean
2017 / 65 min / USA
March 15 @ 8:30 Buy Tickets 

In the center of Equator Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Ilima community remains one of the most isolated in the world. They have coexisted with endangered wildlife in their surrounding forest for generations, but as the pace of development has increased, this fragile ecosystem has suffered.

They partnered with the African Wildlife Foundation and the architecture firm, MASS Design Group in 2012 to create a new conservation-focused primary school and community center. This film documents the collective building process — one aimed at leveraging local craft and ecological knowledge towards education, preservation, and beauty.
Director: Tomas Koolhass
2016 / 75 min / USA
March 15 @ 9:00 Buy Tickets 

Architecture is usually filmed from the outside, as an inanimate object. The few depictions of interiors are usually limited to still or static images of an empty building, reducing it to no more than an icon or sculpture. REM, the documentary by Rem Koolhaas's son, uses an unconventional approach by combining the human stories and experience of both the architect and the users of his architecture.

Director: Gary Hustwit
2016 / 77 min / USA
March 15@ 6:30  Buy Tickets

Come hear a post-screening panel with editor of Interior Design, Edie Cohen in conversation with Primo Ophila of Studio O+A and Barbara Dunn of Gensler.

Workplace is a documentary about the past, present and future of the office. Hundreds of millions of human beings spend billions of hours in offices every day. How can we make them better places for people to work and collaborate? What’s the next wave of digital tools to connect the office, the city and the planet? How has the office evolved over the last 100 years? And do we even need offices anymore? Filmmaker Gary Hustwit (Helvetica, Objectified, Urbanized) follows the design and construction of the New York headquarters of R/GA, where the company and architects Foster + Partners explore the intersection of digital and physical space. Workplace is a look at the thinking and experimentation involved in trying to create the next evolution of what the office could be. Appearanes by Bob Greenberg, Norman Foster, Nick Law, Barry Wacksman, Chris West, Julia Goldberg, Primo Orpilla, Nikil Saval, Amanda Carroll, and more.

Co-presented by INTERIOR DESIGN and VITRA

Tomorrow, March 16 @ 6:30 Buy Tickets
Dont miss the screening of Eye Over Prague and Breakpoint followed by a great panel moderated by journalist Edward Lifson.

Marcel Náhlovsky - Marketing Director, Lasvit
Cesar Giraldo - Cesar Giraldo Design
Gulla Jonsdotti - Gulla Jonsdotti Architecture + Design
Frank Slesinski - President, ASID
Sybil Jane Barrido - SJV Design
Otto Fabri - Designer

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