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Please consider making a donation to support emerging scholars that will build greater understanding of Mongolia
A winter scene with herders assembling a ger. Photo courtesy of Thomas Conte.
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As we begin with hot days of summer in North America, some of us are longing for winter. ACMS Cultural Heritage Fellow Thomas Conte has been conducting fieldwork in Mongolia since last fall, and has supplied us with a few welcome snowy images from Khovsgol Province during winter migration with Darhad reindeer herders.

Through the support of ACMS members and friends such as yourself, the ACMS is providing 11 student and faculty fellowships in 2017. By donating now you can support scholars such as Thomas Conte to conduct field research in Mongolia. Your support will help develop a new generation of talented scholars and build greater awareness and understanding of Mongolia.

Please donate now to support to support the ACMS and scholars such as Thomas Conte.
Fellow Highlight

Thomas Conte is a PhD student of Evolutionary Anthropology at Rutgers. He is currently an ACMS Cultural Heritage Fellow and has spent the last 10 months living and working with herders in northern and western Mongolia.

Thomas grew up in The Bronx, New York, and became interested in Mongolia through undergraduate study abroad experiences in Beijing and Inner Mongolia. Shortly thereafter he began working in Northern Mongolia with Montana State University's BioRegions program. As he progressed through school he became drawn to the effects of a changing climate on Mongolia's nomadic pastoralists, and he now focuses on kinship, social reputations, and social support and labor sharing practices among herders in Khovsgol and Zavkhan Provinces. northern and western Mongolia. A highlight of his study was participation and study of a winter migration with Darhad herders in a remote part of Khovsgol Province (see photo above).

"Throughout my career as a graduate student, the ACMS has given me great support for carrying out research in Mongolia and connecting with other researchers and scholars. I would not have been able to have been successful in completing my research without ACMS support." -Thomas Conte

Please consider making a donation to support the work of emerging scholars like Thomas, and thank you.
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