Subject: International Young Researchers Forum, August 16-17, 2017, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia



Researchers Forum: 16–17th August 2017, Mongolian State University of Education (Main Campus)


The 3rd International Young Researchers Forum aims to foster interdisciplinary dialogue and promote research collaboration by bringing together young Mongolian and International researchers who have an interest in focusing their academic research on Mongolian themes. Through facilitated exchanges, the participants will have a chance to share their knowledge, experience and expertise in order to enhance the overall quality of research and discover potential new areas of study.

The forum will focus on three clustered themes: Science and Technology, Arts & Humanities, Social & Medical Sciences. Delegates will begin the forum focusing on one stream and over the two days morph into a collective sharing and participate in the development of strategic recommendations for the enhancement of future collaborative research opportunities. Day one will focus in the Mongolian and international research requirements within each stream. Day two will be the reorganizing of the groups into multi-stream team, each working together to come up with a research project involving all of the groups disciplines, plus identifying what other disciplines could be involved.

Participants will have the chance to interact with researchers across the above disciplines to discuss and exchange their ideas about the research methodologies. They will also explore wealth of research across all disciplines carried out by dedicated researchers along with the use of internationally comparative data for evidence-based and innovative change in educational systems worldwide.

Who Should Attend?
Undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral researchers under the age of 35 whose area of concentration includes Mongolian themes, issues and subject matter are encouraged to participate.
Participants do not have to be currently associated with an academic institution but should be actively involved in some form of research or development activity in Mongolia.
If you are interested in being part of the SYF, please contact Amanda or Buyanaa at 
7711-0486 or

Eligibility is limited to Undergraduate, Graduate or Postgraduate Students who are doing research in any discipline.
Student who participate in the Forum are required to participate in the two-day keynotes, seminar sessions and intra & interdisciplinary working group discussions.
Working groups will present their assigned topics during Day 2 of the Forum.

Registration & Fees
You can register by Clicking on the link IYRF Registration
The conference is available free of charge for Mongolian and international researchers. The forum badge provides admission to all keynotes, seminars, three parallel streams on both days of the forum, two tea-breaks and lunch on each day. Forum is made available on a complimentary basis to encourage participation of young researchers
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