Subject: 1 DAY LEFT: "Buriat Migration to Mongolia and Manchuria during the Russian Civil Wars" Griffin Creech | Virtual Speaker Series

ACMS Virtual Speaker Series
Title: Migration as Resistance: Buriat Migration to Mongolia and Manchuria during the Russian Civil Wars

Date: September 21, 11am PT | 2pm EDT | 6pm GMT | September 22, 2am ULAT

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<Griffin Creech

This talk will examine the transnational milieu of the approximately forty thousand Buriats who migrated from the Transbaikalia region of the collapsed Russian empire to northern Mongolia and Manchuria during the Russian civil wars (1918-1922). In addition to describing the events that precipitated this migration, I will explore efforts by rival political factions in Transbaikalia to manage and repatriate their would-be Buriat citizens residing in Mongolia and Manchuria. The presence of these tens of thousands of Buriat migrants outside of Russia’s borders, I will argue, drew the attention of all forces engaged in state-building in the Transbaikalia region. Their absence, and efforts to manage and repatriate them, shaped the contours of the emerging state order in the greater Baikal area.
About the presenter:
Griffin Creech is a PhD student in history at the University of Pennsylvania. Four years spent living in Russia and eastern Mongolia’s Khentii aimag left him with a research interest in the Russian-Mongolian borderlands and their inhabitants in the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Griffin is particularly interested in the history of borders, migration, and informal diplomacy during this period. He is currently developing a dissertation project that will examine the Buriats’ use of local cultural and border-related knowledge to negotiate their place within the Russian imperial order.

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