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C A R E T A K E R ' S  L E T T E R
Dear Friends of Wilbur:

During Wilbur's 150th anniversary celebration I met 95 year old Seaton Barker, Jr. whose parents owned Wilbur from 1946-1967. Seaton worked at Wilbur and served as California's present Governor, Jerry Brown's "baby sitter" while his parents, then Governor and Mrs Pat Brown, who lived nearby, in Bear Valley, immersed in Wilbur's medicine waters.

Seaton told us a story of how he once accidentally shot himself in the leg. The leg turned black and the local doc wanted to amputate it. Seaton said "I will put the leg in the Wilbur waters and cure it. And he did.

During my 46 years at Wilbur I have witnessed some remarkable cures as a result of people soaking in the medicine water, including my own.

I remember the head of the motor pool in Menlo Park completely eliminating his unpleasant psoriasis by soaking, on a schedule every 2 months.

There was the man sent to Wilbur by his dermatologist who healed his profound acne which was disfiguring his face and parts of his body.

I have watched unsightly Actenic Keratosis, including my own, completely disappear. Actenic Keratosis is scaly patches of skin, on the forehead, heads, face and other areas, which can be pre cancerous and should be removed. Typically people go to a dermatologist who removes the skin with liquid nitrogen.

At one time, following a horrific motorcycle accident, the medicine waters at Wilbur performed wonderful healing work on the numerous lengthy scars on my legs which had been run over, and crushed by a Winnebago. Sitting in the medicine water was the only place I was pain free.

Perhaps you have a story of healing at Wilbur. I would love to read it.
Say hello the next time you are at Wilbur. We are the very tall couple with the smiling eyes and laughing hearts who are often on bikes or the electric ATV with solar panels on top.

With affection for each of you,

Richard and Jolee,
Caretakers, Wilbur Hot Springs

Richard Louis Miller, M.A., Ph.D.
Clinical Psychology
Wikipedia: Dr Richard Louis Miller
Wikipedia: Wilbur Hot Springs
Psychedelic Medicine

On Line Reservations Now Available

To secure a reservation for overnight stays, visit - and BOOK NOW

Monday - Thursday 20% Discount for Overnight Stays
2018 Wilbur offer- 20% off for overnight stays Monday - Thursday
*not applicable during holiday periods

October 5 - 7, 2018

Join Sarana in 2018 for a weekend of breathing, chanting, asana and soaking in the healing mineral waters of Wilbur. Strengthen your practice while relaxing and rejuvenating your body and mind.

You’ll step back from your daily routines and retreat to this sacred land, home to healing waters that have been used for renewal for centuries.

The popular SaranaYoga retreats at Wilbur always fill up fast. Please click below for additional details, and/or to make your reservation. 2019 dates are now posted on the Wilbur website.

Plan Your 2018 Retreat Here
Bats at the Wilbur Hot Springs Nature Preserve
Many bats occur at Wilbur Hot Springs' Nature Preserve, a 1,560-acre ecological reserve tucked away in the rolling hills of the California coast range approximately 90 miles north of San Francisco. The Preserve is primarily central oak woodland habitat. Common wildlife of the area include deer, coyotes, badgers, bobcat, gray fox, golden eagles, red-tailed hawks, great blue herons, killdeer, wild turkeys, and a rich variety of songbirds. However, because bats are active only at night they are infrequently seen and little understood.  We have posted a two part study on bats on the Wilbur website. It is full of descriptive information about the bats found within the Preserve to enhance the natural experience of interested visitors.
Dates for upcoming Wilbur events, workshops, specialized practitioners, and closures
are noted on our Wilbur event calendar on our website.
October 19-21

Chef Bodhi Cole will be the host of October Guest Chef Weekend.

Future Guest Chef Weekends:
  • Nov 21-23: Thanksgiving Feast with Chef Marion and Chef Liam
  • Dec 30 - Jan 1:  New Year's Celebration with Chef Marion
The full 2019 Guest Chef Weekend calendar is available on the Wilbur website.
How to Open Your Natural Spiritual Abilities with Julia Harrell

Tuesday October 2:  complimentary workshop for overnight guests
Wednesday October 3 and October 4: clairvoyant readings

Are you ready to take your Wilbur healing journey to the next level? How about a spiritual reading/healing during your next visit?

How many of us come to Wilbur to rest, rejuvenate and get still to find our answers for a burning question in our lives or to look at our next step in healing on many levels? For over 20 years I have been coming to Wilbur for its extraordinary waters and healing benefits. I have found that it is an ideal space to offer what I love to do most which is spiritual guidance through readings and healings, but many may not be aware of the benefits of this style of reading which is also quite healing.

Sessions are approximately 60 minutes, including a hands-on healing if you wish, and are recorded for your review later. Pricing per session is $150, for reservations please contact Wilbur at 530-473-2306. For additional information on Julia,

Complimentary Yoga Classes for overnight guests:

October 9-11 - Vinyasa Flow with Gina
October 15-18 - Hatha Yoga with Parmatma
October 29-31 - Vinyasa Flow with Gina
October 6-7 and October 20-21.
John Ropp is offering his morning Tai Chi at 8am on the historic Red Bridge. Come join us for a simple, gentle set of exercises based on Chinese traditional medicine and martial arts, suitable for all ages, all body types, and all levels of mobility. Enjoy having fun while learning about and practicing Tai Chi.
October 27 & October 28

Complimentary to all Wilbur Guests ~ Shundo offers guided meditations. Come up for the day or stay the weekend to enjoy all that he has to offer. Visit our website for more details and to learn more about Shundo check out his website:
3375 Wilbur Springs Road, Wilbur Springs, CA 95987-9709 - 530-473-2306
Photos by Trinette Reed, Meg Solegui, and Shundo David Haye
3375 Wilbur Springs Road, Wilbur Springs, CA 95987, United States
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