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C A R E T A K E R ' S  L E T T E R
Dear Friends of Wilbur:

This is a story of some of the animals at Wilbur Hot Springs and the health benefits of Prescription Grade Nature (RxN).

A few years ago, a doctor in Mendocino County bought a string of ponies as a present for his wife.
Sadly, the doctor soon passed away. The story goes that his wife was so distraught that she set the ponies free.

The loose ponies were reported roaming and were rescued by Equine Rescue of Mendocino led by Angie Herman. Angie put a notice on the MCN internet bulletin board, looking for a home for the ponies, and Jolee read it and forwarded the notice to me. I called Angie and offered Wilbur as a new home for the ponies. The herd of 5 ponies have been living, happily, at Wilbur, and running free, ever since.
As you can see from the photos, the ponies are healthy and happy.

During their time at Wilbur we have been hand feeding the ponies horse treats (see photo) and they have become friendlier and friendlier. Nowadays they approach us as soon as they see us, or our vehicle. They often hang out at our Cabin in the Nature Preserve and sometimes actually attempt to enter (see photo).

When they approach you in the Nature Preserve keep in mind that equines are prey animals and definitely not predators. As prey they are naturally fearful. They will never attack you and if you make any sudden movement they will run away. The thing to be careful of, if you choose to hand feed them, is their front feet for they could accidentally step on your toe.

The little brown pony, Cheeky, will approach first. He enjoys being petted on the face and having his ears scratched. The grey pony, James (Madison), will approach second. If you keep handing out treats the other 3, George (Washington), Tom, (Jefferson) and Alexander (Hamilton), will soon follow.

The ponies are making fast friends with the 2 Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Franklin (Ben) and Abigail (Adams) and 3 Russian Wolfhounds, Sasha, Misha and Grishka (first canine to love sitting in the hot geothermal medicine water). Be sure and pet them all as well, when you see them roaming in the Nature Preserve.

Wilbur's local deer are scaredy deer and will avoid being petted. Poor things don't know what they are missing. Same is true for the turkeys, rabbits, squirrels, and pigs, all of which abound but some you must look for while others are quite obvious.

The animals at Wilbur Hot Springs are part of Wilbur's Prescription Grade Nature (RxN).
Immerse your Self and improve your immune system. Doubt my words? Go to The Google and check out the scientific research on health benefits of nature. See Blue Minds for the health benefits of even being near, or looking at, water. Sitting in medicine water is the most effective.

Investing in your health is the best investment a person can make. With good health anything is possible but even a head ache can ruin a day.
Say hello the next time you are at Wilbur. We are the very tall couple with the smiling eyes and laughing hearts who are often on bikes or the electric ATV with solar panels on top.

With affection for each of you,

Richard and Jolee,
Caretakers, Wilbur Hot Springs

Richard Louis Miller, M.A., Ph.D.
Clinical Psychology
Wikipedia: Dr Richard Louis Miller
Wikipedia: Wilbur Hot Springs
Psychedelic Medicine

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Dear Friends of Wilbur:

Please read on and allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Jerry and Brennan Newberry, the new General Managers of the historic Wilbur Hot Springs.

We hail from the midwest, born and raised in Iowa (Brennan) and Missouri (Jerry). Between us we have been blessed with five children and twelve grandchildren. We have a daughter in Redding whom we are happy to be close to.

Our interests include quality friendships, eating clean and enjoying culinary creations, fine wine, hiking or anything involving physical fitness and travel. We are focused on “living in the moment”, which has led to many unique experiences and opportunities to meet some wonderful people.

We have developed a special partnership and truly enjoy each other’s company. Because of this relationship, we decided to leave our jobs in Iowa nearly a decade ago to pursue the dream of working together. That vision led us into the field of resort management. It’s been an exciting journey that has taken us from hometown Iowa to Estes Park, Colorado to Phoenix, Arizona and now to the healing waters and tranquil beauty of Wilbur Hot Springs.

We feel very honored to be joining the Wilbur family and eagerly look forward to meeting each of you. Please feel free to stop by and introduce yourselves.
Dates for upcoming Wilbur events, workshops, specialized practitioners, and closures
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Ringing in the NEW YEAR with Chef Marion Cascio for a deliciously fun 
Guest Chef Weekend
December 30 - January 1

We also have a few spaces left for
Thanksgiving Guest Chef Weekend November 21 - 23
Join Chef Marion for Thanksgiving Celebrations - all guests are invited to assist in cooking Thanksgiving Dinner with her and her "culinary dream team"

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December 1-2 and December 15-16

Complimentary to all Wilbur Guests ~ Shundo offers 4 guided meditations: December 16 both AM & PM sessions and Sunday December 17 another AM session. Come up for the day or stay Saturday Night to enjoy all that he has to offer. Visit our website for more details and to learn more about Shundo check out his website:
December 4-6
Rev. Julia Harrell is a spiritual minister who’s greatest joy is offering guidance to help others find their own higher truth on their path of daily living and awakening. Complimentary workshop on December 4th and readings on December 5th and 6th.

Julia has had extensive training in clairvoyance techniques, spiritual healing modalities and trance mediumship for the past 17 years, with prior esoteric (meditation as a service to humanity) practice for 22+ years. Visit our website for more details and you can learn more about her and her certifications on her website at
Sarana Yoga Retreats

Join Sarana in 2019 for a weekend of breathing, chanting, asana and soaking in the healing mineral waters of Wilbur. Strengthen your practice while relaxing and rejuvenating your body and mind.

You’ll step back from your daily routines and retreat to this sacred land, home to healing waters that have been used for renewal for centuries.

The popular SaranaYoga retreats at Wilbur always fill up fast. Please click below for additional details, and/or to make your reservation.

2019 Dates
  • April 12 - 14
  • May 3 - 5
  • May 17 - 19
  • September 20 - 22
  • October 11 - 13
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Photos by Trinette Reed, Meg Solegui, and Shundo David Haye
3375 Wilbur Springs Road, Wilbur Springs, CA 95987, United States
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