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Legends of America Newsletter - August/September 2017
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Let me tell you about the time we drove through Pawnee Bill's Ranch in Pawnee, Oklahoma... We were lucky enough to pass through Pawnee just after the ranch opened that morning, and as a bonus they have a drive through area that you can see long horns and bison up close and personal. We get to the top of a hill and start taking pictures when suddenly the battery in my camera died. Just 5 seconds later so did Kathy's. There we were, camera's in hand but no way to take pictures.

Thinking there were extra batteries back in the camper, we decided we would break the rules of the ranch and exit the truck to go get them. As I was about to get out I noticed the Longhorn standing there staring at me, just the way you see him in the photo. Except, I'm pretty sure I heard him say "You don't want to do that".... I quickly shut the door and told Kathy there was no way I was getting out. At which point Kathy gives a huff, proceeds to put on her sandals, and with a look of "hold my beer, watch this" on her face, runs back to the camper.

Needless to say, this is one I'm sure I'll never live down.

This was during a quick trip to the Texas Panhandle in early August, with our primary focus being family.  But if you have followed us before, you know that "no" trip is wasted, so along the way we took in some Route 66 and paid a visit to Palo Duro Canyon south of Amarillo.  It was a great trip, and Kathy did a brief write up about it in our Photo Blog HERE
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Finally, we want to send our thoughts and prayers to all those affected by Hurricane's Harvey and Irma. If you have the means, we would encourage you to donate for relief. There are many reputable charities, however I think Charity Navigator does a good job in guiding you to those that can be most effective. 

Dave 'No Bull' Alexander

What's New on LOA

We finally reached a point in our website remodel that we could start adding in new stories again.  
Oriental Saloon Gunfight in Tombstone, Arizona - A gunfight in front of the Oriental Saloon in Tombstone, Arizona, this event took place between Luke Short and Charlie Storms in 1881.

Tom Quick – Avenger or Psychopath?From Author Hal Taylor – Many stories have been written about Tom Quick, but there is not enough documented evidence to separate truth from fiction. Regardless, he was a murderer.

John R. Brinkley – Goat Gland Doctor – From 1917 through the 1930s, John Brinkley made millions of dollars by implanting goat testicles in men to restore their virility. He also dabbled in radio.
“Hell’s Belle” Gunness – Black Widow of the Midwest – “Hell’s Belle” Gunness, one of America’s most degenerate female serial killers in history, likely killed both her husbands and all of her children.

Landmarks Along the Oregon Trail – As hopeful travelers set out on their journey across the overland trails, they saw landmarks which lived in their memories for the rest of their lives.

Soda Springs – Curiosity on the Oregon Trail – Located along a shortcut in the Oregon-California Trail off of the main route to Fort Hall, Idaho was Soda Springs

Alcove Spring, Kansas (On the Oregon Trail) – A favorite campsite near the Independence Crossing in Marshal County, Kansas, Alcove Spring originates in a rock formation falling into a pool below.
Did You Know?

Preserving one of America’s most significant cultural and historic areas, the Chaco Culture National Historical Park is remarkable for its distinctive architecture, numerous ruins, and ancient roads. The remote and isolated park park is located in northwestern New Mexico, between Albuquerque and Farmington, in a relatively inaccessible valley cut by the Chaco Wash.
Old West Wisdom

Behind every successful rancher is a wife who works in town.

If you get to thinkin’ you’re a person of some influence, try orderin’ somebody else’s dog around.

Solvin’ problems is like throwin’ cattle. Dig your heels on the big ones and grab the little ones ’round the neck.

Cumberland Gap National Historic Park

In September of 2012, Kathy and I took our first trip with a travel trailer to Tennessee.  It was a grand adventure that included the Cumberland Gap. 
Covering almost 32 square miles in the three states – Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia – the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park commemorates a vital early phase in the westward movement and the indomitable courage of the first overland emigrants. Through Cumberland Gap, a natural passage through the forbidding Allegheny Mountains, passed the Wilderness Road. Hacked out in 1775 into Kentucky by a party led by Daniel Boone, this road was one of the main arteries used by the settlers who occupied the region between the Appalachians and the Mississippi River.
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Frontier Slang, Lingo & Phrases 

From the pages of period newspapers, books, and century old dictionaries comes the slang, lingo, and phrases of the American Frontier. Even if you're not looking for a definition, you'll get a peek into the charm and character of a historic era.

Lynchings, Hangings & Vigilante Groups 

Execution by hanging was the most popular legal and extralegal form of putting criminals to death in the United States from its beginning. Brought over to the states from our English ancestors, the method actually originated in Persia (now Iran) about 2,500 years ago. Hanging soon became the method of choice for most countries, as it produced a highly visible deterrent by a simple method.

Old West Lawmen 

Old West Lawmen is a collection of stories featuring 57 lawmen. Included are more than 70 vintage photographs plus articles about various organizations like the Texas Rangers, U.S. Marshals, and the Pinkerton Detective Agency. This is the first in a series of books to be published on Legends of America's favorite topic -- The Old West. Soon, you'll see outlaws, lynchings, stagecoaches, and bunches more. 

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