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Legends of America Newsletter - July 2017 w/ Sneak Preview!
We're in the weeds!  Kathy and I are pounding away at rebuilding our old web design into something more "today". As mentioned in our last newsletter, it took a while for the learning curve and building out the structure, but I'm happy to say we are getting close to phase one of our rollout.  

Phase one, which we plan to initiate over the next couple of months, includes making our new design live with our most visited/popular pages.  It will be a mixture of the older web design and the new as we continue to work through all our articles. 

On paper, phase one is pretty straight forward. However, that paper has plenty of coffee stains and frayed edges, so I anticipate the initial roll out will be our "ugly child" for at least the first week or so.  

Phase two will be when we have everything moved over to the new design. This will be an ongoing process a few pages at a time so we can get back to writing new material again. With over 3000 articles to complete, there will be lots of tweaks and fixes along the way, but after spending months "talking" about it, be assured it's almost there.

I can't say enough how much we appreciate the support you've shown through this process. From the purchases you've made at our General Store and Photo Print Shop, to the donations in our tip jar, Kathy and I are humbled by those of you who stuck with us. That's why we wanted to give you a special sneak preview of how the new design is coming along. Please share with us your thoughts after visiting some of the links below in our special preview. 

Dave "isn't there a widget for that" Alexander
Special Sneak Preview of our new website design

This is truly an "early" sneak peek at our new website design. Please keep in mind you may run into quite a few links that go back to our older design, and probably quite a few links that are broken. However, this should give you a feel for what it's gonna look like when we go live this fall. Again, we welcome any input and comments.  
Doc Holliday - Deadly Doctor of the American West

Doc Holliday was a gambler, vagabond, gentleman, and gunfighter. He was deputized in Tombstone, AZ before the famous gunfight at the O.K. Corral.

The Queen Mary provides a wide range of guest rooms, 14 Art Deco salons, tours, restaurants, shops, and exhibits. It is also said to be haunted.
Native American and Other Ancient Remedies

Native Americans have been practicing medicine for thousands of years and many of their herbal remedies are still used today. (Article includes links to our Herbs, Plants and Healing properties listing). 

Collected slang words, lingo and phrases of the Old West including definitions and use.
Native American Totem Animals & Their Meanings

Native American tradition provides that each individual is connected with 9 different animals that will accompany each person through life, acting as guide.

And that's it for the sneak peek for now. 

As a valued reader, many of you who have followed us for years, we wanted to give you a chance to chime in and let us know your thoughts. We have a lot to do in the meantime, and will keep you informed of our progress.  
Did You Know?

During the last days of the session of Congress in 1851, Jefferson Davis, at the time a Senator from Mississippi, offered an amendment to the army appropriations bill for the purchase of 30 camels, and another 20 dromedaries (two-humped camels) with ten Arab drivers and the necessary equipment. Although the amendment failed, it is just part of the story of how Camel Caravans came to be in the Southwest as a failed military experiment. 

Check out the story by James Miller Guinn, written in 1901, from our historic text.

From the Ariston Cafe in Illinois, to Roy's Cafe in California, travelers along America's Mother Road were treated to some mighty fine cooking along the way. 

Route 66 enthusiasts to this day still enjoy some of that same home town cooking as they revisit this important roadway. We thought it would be good to share just a few of those delectables here in our Route 66 pages.

The Texas Forts Trail
Scattered across the state from the Red River to the Rio Grande River, are the remains of a once a formidable military presence on the frontier -- Texas' nineteenth-century forts. Though the Texas Forts Trail can't possibly cover the more than four dozen old forts and presidios across the vast Lone Star State, this 650 mile Scenic Byway certainly provides a glimpse into many of these lonely outposts that were once situated on the dangerous hills and dales of central Texas.

From 1848 to 1900, the U.S. Army built 44 major posts and set up more than 100 temporary camps in Texas. In addition to the many military forts established by the U.S. Army, a number of earlier Republic-era forts, private bastions, and Spanish Presidios were built and abandoned across the Lone Star State. Today, these many sites range from ghostly ruins, to historically accurate reconstructions, to nothing but a historical marker to identify their locations.

During the 19th Century, settlers streamed west on to the advancing frontier, invading the territorial lands of the Native Americans who had long called this area home. Resentful of the influx of white settlers upon their domain, the Kiowa, Comanche, and other Plains Indians fought back in raids and attacks on caravans and settlements. But, the encroaching settlers were not to be deterred and continued to invade Texas, assisted and protected by the many soldiers stationed at the frontier posts.

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Jim Hinckley's America Episode 1 (A Trek Along Route 66) - DVD

"This is the first of many videos in a series about the communities along Route 66. This episode starts us in Kingman Arizona where the resurgence of interest in Route 66 is alive and well. Jim Hinckley, author and historian, takes around the area sharing the history of the area and the adventure that is in store for the visitors. Promote Kingman and myMarketing Designs LLC produced this episode and are excited where the next video will take us." - Noted author and Route 66 historian Jim Hinckley.

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