Subject: Legends of America Newsletter - June 2017

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Legends of America Newsletter - June 2017
June is always a special month for us. Our wedding anniversary is Monday (Married June 19, 2006). And Kathy launched Legends of America on June 27, 2003. Many of you who have followed us for years know the story, but I'm a sentimental fool who likes telling it.  I'll spare everyone this time, and just include a link to our June 2012 newsletter :)  

I never tire of being dragged around the country by my partner in life, and will always love sharing our adventures with you. However, like many things, with age, things sometimes need a new coat of paint, some foundation repair and a good ol spit shine. We've been talking for too long about getting our website into the modern age, and I'm happy to announce we're finally getting close.  Both of us have been lost in a world of widgets, plugins and templates as we take our old website and remake it into a mobile friendly one, but I think we're past the learning curve, or at least around the bend. The structure is almost complete, and we have quite a few stories moved over ready to go. My hope is that in our next newsletter we'll be able to give you a sneak peek, and that sometime soon after we'll go live. 

We sincerely thank everyone who has supported us with donations and purchases through our General Store and Photo Print Shop. It has helped us buy most of the 'tools' needed for this remodel. Stay tuned for the big reveal. 

Speaking of the Photo Print Shop, you will notice some changes there too as our "shopping experience" has been enhanced. Again, more foundation upkeep and spit shine. 

Of course, all this "remodeling" bled over into our home. Kathy's kept us busy painting and moving furniture, most of it out the door. Something about "open floor designs" and less clutter. Looks great so far, but the garage is full again. And some of it has already been brought back in as Kathy changes her mind. I see a garage sale coming very soon.  
Well, that's all for now. Hope everyone has a wonderful Father's Day!  You'll find Mr. Riley Dog and I chillaxing between coats of paint. 

Dave "Have dolly, will move" Alexander. 

What's New on LOA

Here's the latest additions to our website since our last newsletter. 
Butch Cassidy, aka: Robert Leroy Parker - Butch Cassidy was a notorious train and bank robber and the leader of a gang of criminal outlaws known as the Wild Bunch.

Robbers Roost on the Outlaw Trail - Located within the rugged canyon lands of southeastern Utah, Robbers Roost was a popular hideout for cattle rustlers and other outlaws during the days of the Wild West.
Hole-In-The-Wall - Outlaw Hideout - The Hole-in-the-Wall, a remote pass in Wyoming, is a spectacularly scenic part of the Old West, rich in legend of outlaw activity in the late 1800s.

Did You Know?

Fort Leavenworth was the first settlement in Kansas territory, and the oldest active Army post west of the Mississippi River? 
Quotes on U.S. Patriotism, Liberty, Freedom, & More

But what do we mean by the American Revolution? Do we mean the American war? The Revolution was effected before the war commenced. The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people; a change in their religious sentiments, of their duties and obligations... This radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments, and affections of the people was the real American Revolution. -- John Adams

How soon we forget history ... Government is not reason. Government is not eloquence. It is force. And, like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master. -- George Washington

Liberty may be endangered by the abuse of liberty, but also by the abuse of power. -- James Madison

Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park in southwest Texas is one of the largest and least visited of America's national parks. Here, you can explore over 801,000 acres, ranging from an elevation of less than 2,000 feet along the Rio Grande River to nearly 8,000 feet in the Chisos Mountains. Big Bend includes massive canyons, vast desert expanses, and the entire Chisos Mountain range. At Big Bend National Park, you can delve into one of the last remaining wild corners of the United States, and experience unmatched sights, sounds, and solitude.
Some American Riders

Written by Colonel Theodore Ayrault Dodge, a Union officer during the Civil War and a military historian. His primary writings were on the war and military history, but he also wrote this article, "Some American Riders", which appeared in Harper's Magazine in July, 1891.
The cowboy is in the saddle more than any man on the Plains. He rides what is well known as the cowboy's saddle, or Brazos tree. It is adapted from the old Spanish saddle -- is, in fact, almost similar -- and differs sensibly from the Mexican. The line of its seat from cantle to horn, viewed sidewise, is a semicircle; there is no fiat place to sit on. This shape gives the cowboy, seen from the side, all but as perpendicular a seat in the saddle as the old knight in armor. There are, of course, other saddles in use. The Texas saddle has a much flatter seat than the Brazos tree; the Cheyenne saddle a still flatter one, with a high cantle and a different cut of pommel arch and bearing; and some individuals may ride any peculiar saddle. But all must have the horn and high cantle. In no other tree would the cowboy be at home or fit for service.

The cowboy is careful of his ponies, not only from a horseman’s motives, but because he is held to account for them. Unlike the Indian, he rarely has a sore-backed nag. He often uses a gunny-bag saddle-cloth next the pony’s skin -- the hempen fiber of which keeps the back cool -- and over this, for padding, his woolen blanket.

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What Our Readers are saying: 
  • Loved your site. I came across it while searching for Cohokia Mound Builders - Allen Stroud

  • Thank you for your hard work and making the Newsletter very informative. Went to Chloride, New Mexico last June and had a blast. Barb in Florida

  • Love Big Bend. Like most desert parks if you walk the trails take lots of water to stay hydrated. I prefer to camp up in the basin where it's cooler at night rather than down by the river. Kerry on Facebook

  • Loved that segment of Kathy’s visit to Kansas. I just finished reading Ernie Pyles book Home Country, of his travels through America and love to hear about people and places I might never hear of. The mental picture of the places she wrote about filled my mind with places I have been before. Thank you for your travels - Albert in Montana
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