Subject: Legends of America Newsletter - December 2022

A Sucker Born Every Minute, Colorado Robin Hood, Mining and Murder in Ruby, Remembering Sitting Bull and much more!

Legends of America Newsletter - December 2022

In this newsletter:

  • A Sucker Born Every Minute

  • Colorado Robin Hood

  • Mining and Murder in Ruby

  • Remembering Sitting Bull

and much more!

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Whether you say "Merry Christmas", "Happy Holidays", or whatever... this time of year is stressful for many. On the one hand, you have those with busy family get-togethers, shopping, and lots of hustle and bustle, and on the other hand, you have those who either don't celebrate or are simply alone at this time in their life. The stress can trip your brain's breaker and attempt to shut you down, but I have a possible solution. Plan a Trip!

"But Dave", you say, "I don't have the money or ability to travel". It doesn't matter, at least according to Kathy. When life has her feeling down, stressed, or alone in her office with her thoughts, she cracks open Google Maps and starts browsing. Sometimes she even "drives" routes via street view to get a better feel of the landscape. It helps with her winter blues just planning an adventure, whether we go or not. Need some ideas? Browse our two decades of travel via our travel blogs. You can see trips up to 2014 HERE, and everything since HERE.

Journey to your heart's content, whether in reality or from the comfort of your computer. You'll find that Not All Who Wander Are Lost, they just understand the destination isn't the adventure... it's the journey there.

All the best to you and yours this Holiday Season!

Dave & Kathy

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What's New on LOA

Here are some of the recent additions since our last newsletter

Pima Revolt of 1751 – The Pima Revolt, also known as the O’odham Uprising or the Pima Outbreak, was a revolt of O’odham Indians against Spanish colonial forces in Arizona that occurred in 1751.

Fort Stanwix, New York – Fort Stanwix, New York, was a colonial fort that began to be built under the direction of British General John Stanwix on August 26, 1758.

Fort Astoria, Oregon - Fort Astoria, Oregon, was the primary fur trading post of John Jacob Astor’s Pacific Fur Company.

Shakerism in America - They called themselves The United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing. However, they became known as Shakers because they trembled, whirled, and shook during ecstatic worship services.

Canterbury Shaker Village, New Hampshire - Canterbury Shaker Village, in New Hampshire, is one of several Shaker communities founded in the 19th century. The historic site is one of the most intact and authentic surviving Shaker communities.

George Bent - Cheyenne-American Soldier & Leader - George Bent was a Cheyenne-American interpreter, historian, Civil War soldier, and Cheyenne Dog Soldier who lived in Colorado.

Susan Magoffin - Recording the Santa Fe Trail - Susan Shelby Magoffin was one of the first women to travel the Santa Fe Trail. Making the journey with her husband, a trader, she kept a detailed diary of her travels which has been extensively used as a source for the history of the time.

Bose Ikard - Black Cowboy in Texas - Bose Ikard was a former slave who participated in the pioneering cattle drives and honed his cowboy skills with Charles Goodnight.

Charles Waggoner - Colorado Robin Hood - Submitted by Author Daniel R. Seligman, not many tales of 'robin hood' outlaws were like Charles Waggoner, a banker in Colorado who saved his depositors by swindling banks in New York City just before Black Tuesday, 1929.

Pawnee Trail in Kansas - (Legends of Kansas) The Pawnee Trail led from Pawnee Indian villages in central Nebraska, crossed the Saline River at Wilson Lake, and continued to the Arkansas River.

For the History Buff: 10 Fascinating Historical Sites of Colorado - (Submitted by Jenna Taylor) In Colorado, there's no shortage of opportunities to indulge your interests. From ancient cliff dwellings to iconic mines and everything in between.

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Did You Know?

Ruby, Arizona, is one of the best-preserved ghost towns in the state, filled with history, including lawlessness, murder, and mayhem, not to mention dozens of great photographic opportunities.

The Vice-Laden Wild West

From whiskey, drugs, sporting women, and outlaws, to scandal, sex, sin, and saloons, the Wicked West was filled with both glitz and grits.

Though the vast majority of frontier settlers were hard-working men and women, there were plenty of others who lived life to the fullest – drinking, smoking, gambling, and often spending freely, and sometimes lavishly. Filled with numerous characters looking to make their fortunes, the Wild West was often rough, sometimes dangerous, and always unpredictable.

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Sitting Bull – Lakota Chief and Holy Man

On December 15, 1890, Sitting Bull lost his life at the hands of Indian Police doing the government’s bidding to put a halt to “The Ghost Dance”.

It is not easy to characterize Sitting Bull, of all Sioux chiefs most generally known to the American people. There are few to whom his name is not familiar, and still fewer who have learned to connect it with anything more than the conventional notion of a bloodthirsty savage. The man was an enigma at best. He was not impulsive, nor was he phlegmatic. He was most serious when he seemed to be joking. He was gifted with the power of sarcasm, and few have used it more artfully than he.

Read more about this incredible man in this article by Charles A. Eastman (Ohiyesa) from 1918.

The Cardiff Giant

December 10, 1869, New York resident George Hull admits his “giant” find is a fake, solidifying the phrase “there’s a sucker born every minute.”

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For a few years, miners were able to keep their gold find a secret due to the remoteness of the area. That changed in 1858 when the first steamboats began to make their way up the Colorado River.

The Native Americans believed that their rituals and practices formed an integral and seamless part of their very being. Their beliefs were heavily influenced by their methods of acquiring food.

Born November 21, 1860, Tom Horn was a scout, cowboy, soldier, range detective, and Pinkerton agent before he turned to work as a hired killer in Wyoming.

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