Subject: Legends of America Newsletter - August 2020

Ghost Towns, Pueblo Ruins, Historic Byways, Missouri Cowtown, and more in this months newsletter

Legends of America Newsletter - August 2020

In this newsletter:

  • Sedalia, A Missouri Cowtown

  • Western Vistas Historic Byway

  • White Oaks New Mexico

  • John Butterfield and the Overland Mail

and much more

Latest from our world

Canoes on the lake

Don't get any ideas, that's not us in the canoes. That's our neighbors, and they are in much better shape than we are. I'm more of a "watcher" when it comes to stuff like that. I think Kathy might want to do it sometime, but I'm pretty sure both of us would find ourselves upside down.

August is our month of Birthday celebrations. Our good friend Bob always comes down with friends for a bit of fishing competition from the dock across the street. His birthday lands just a few days ahead of mine, and he turned 50 this year, so I was finally able to pass on the 50 Cane. Then Kathy's is the day after mine (just celebrated hers yesterday), so I'm pretty worn out from all the hoopla. Glad we had the chance to see friends and family that came down from the city this month. All were cautious and made sure they were COVID free before making the trip.

In the meantime, I managed to dance with some poison oak and accidentally shave the right side of my head this month, so, all in all, Good Times at Fort Alexander.

Hope you enjoy this month's Newsletter!


Dave "are we done with 2020 yet? Alexander

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What's New on LOA

Here are some of the recent additions since our last newsletter

Sedalia Missouri State Fair Entrance

Sedalia – Missouri Cowtown – Sedalia has a rich history in the Civil War, cattle, railroads, brothels, and more. Today the county seat of Pettis County, it got its start in 1857 when the first plat for the town was filed.

Appomattox Campaign of the Civil War - The Appomattox Campaign was a series of Civil War battles fought in Virginia between March 29 and April 9, 1865, that concluded with the surrender of Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia effectively marking the end of the war.

Price's Expedition Battles - Also known as Price's Raid, this expedition through Missouri and Kansas occurred in the Trans-Mississippi Theater of the Civil War in the fall of 1864. It was led by Confederate Major General Sterling Price, who started from Camden, Arkansas on August 28, 1864.

John David Albert - John David Albert was a mountain man who made his way west from Pennsylvania and was friends with other important frontiersmen of the time including Jim Baker and Charles Autobees.

Indian Village in Lawrence, Kansas - A Giant Concrete Teepee stands along the south side of US-40 in Lawrence, Kansas, but why? It was once called Indian Village and provided multiple services.

Western University in the extinct town of Quindaro

Here are some of the latest additions to our sister website Legends of Kansas. 

Quindaro, Kansas – A Free-State Black Town - (From our Legends Of Kansas website) Though the town is extinct, it has a rich history and there is still Quindaro neighborhood in Kansas City, Kansas today.

Six-Mile, Kansas – A Red Leg Stronghold - (From our Legends Of Kansas website) Six-Mile Tavern, established just a few miles west of Quindaro, became one of the rendezvous points of the famous Red Legs, a secret band of Union guerillas.

Votaw Colony - An Extinct Black Settlement - (From our Legends Of Kansas website) The Votaw Colony was an African American settlement established by Exodusters from Texas in 1881 two miles north of Coffeyville, near the Verdigris River in Montgomery County, Kansas.

El Quartelejo Ruins - (From our Legends Of Kansas website) El Quartelejo Ruins are the archeological remains of the northernmost Indian pueblo and the only known pueblo in Kansas.

Western Vistas Historic Byway - (From our Legends Of Kansas website) In Northwest Kansas, travelers can experience the ”badlands” of Kansas and wide-open scenic views on the Western Vistas Historic Byway.

Florence, Kansas - (From our Legends Of Kansas website) Today, small-town Florence is called home to about 435 people and includes views of beautiful stone buildings, several of which are on the National Historic Register.

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Did You Know?

Battle of Antietam

September 17, 1862, the twelve-hour battle began, becoming America’s bloodiest one day battle in American History, with over 23,000 dead and wounded.

Read about the Battle of Antietam, Maryland

White Oaks - The Liveliest Town in the Territory

1893 White Oaks building

White Oaks, New Mexico was once a thriving gold mining town, but is called home to just a few remaining residents. However, many of its historic buildings continue to stand including Brown’s Store, the Hoyle House, the 1895 brick schoolhouse, and many old residences. Like other booming mining camps of the day, White Oaks is filled with legends and lore.

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John Butterfield & the Overland Mail Company

A Butterfield stage wagon on the trail, early October 1858, in Arizona by William Hayes Hilton.

On September 16, 1857, the United States Government awarded John Butterfield Sr. of Utica, New York a contract for an “Overland Mail Service to California”. Thus was born the short-lived, but historic Overland Mail Company and the Butterfield Trail.

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Historic Text - The Mysterious Signal

Train wreck in Ashtabula, Ohio in December 1876. Illustration from Harper’s Weekly, January 1877.

By Cy Warman, 1906

As Waterloo lingered in the memory of the conquered Corsican, so Ashtabula was burned into the brain of Bradish. Out of that awful wreck he crawled, widowed and childless. For a long time he did not realize, for his head was hurt in that frightful crash.

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In case you missed it, here are some of the articles that have been popular on our Facebook Fan Pages recently.

Funks Grove Illinois on Route 66

Funks Grove, Illinois – Maple 'Sirup' Country - The grove was first settled by brothers Isaac and Absalom Funk, who came to the region from Kentucky in 1824.

Sioux Chief Gall

Chief Gall – Aggressive Sioux Leader - Chief Gall was one of the most aggressive leaders of the Sioux nation in their last stand for freedom. (story from Charles Eastman 1918)

Tucson Arizona 1908 Postcard

Vigilantes and Bad Men of Arizona - For your morning coffee. James Harvey McClintock describes the atmosphere of citizen justice in "Vigilantes and Bad Men of Arizona" from his book "Arizona: The Youngest State" published in 1913.

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Very interesting Kathy, thank you for sharing.- Gladys (Ref: Jerome, Missouri – A Tribute to the Trail of Tears)

Fascinating. Loved the bit about Carrie Nation tossing Green's cigar and getting thrown off the stage. - Ann (Ref: Cannonball Stage Route)

My grandmother would send me to the store to buy her camel cigarettes, and and she would give me a little extra money to buy some candy cigarettes. I would hop on to one of the coal box cars and ride down to the store. A lot of memories. - Willie (Ref: Koehler, New Mexico )

I really Enjoyed Reading Your Site It Really Bring My Heart Joy To See Albert Kachellek Aka James ( Big Jim ) Clark Get His Just Due. Forever United In Blood, Chicago Clark Lyfe (Ref: Albert Kachellek – Working For Bugs Moran)

Remember the old buffalo. Mom used to drag us 5 kids from mesa to Minnesota and would always stop here to rest. We would buy inexpensive toys and move on. This was in the late 70’s. Love the area so much I am looking at land in near by Sanders. Thanks for the memories Ft. Courage. Dave (Ref: Houck, Arizona – Home of Fort Courage)

Dave and Kathy, you are both doing a fantastic job, keep up the great work you do ,I look forward for your E -Mails each month , I learned a lot of our country’s history, thank you. - James

Always look forward to your newsletters. Very interesting and informative reads. Please keep up the good work. Kind Regards, Steve, Hampshire, United Kingdom.

Thank you! Thank you!...Thank you for your prompt and “over the top” service. Make sure you tell your manager I said so. Susan, Legends' Photo Print Customer. [Oh, you bet I will Susan ;) ]

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