Subject: Legends of America Newsletter - July 2020

100th for the 19th, Grasshopper Menace, Medicine Bags, Wisconsin Road Trip and more

Legends of America Newsletter - July 2020

In this newsletter:

  • 100th Anniversary for the 19th

  • Grasshopper menace

  • Medicine Bags

  • Wisconsin Road Trip

and much more...

Somewhere in Gove County Kansas

Latest from our world

Kathy captured this scene last weekend, somewhere in Gove County Kansas. I thought it was a great reflection of my current feelings toward the past month. Keep your distance; I don't want to hear about it; Get Off My Lawn. I'm really showing my age with our current state of affairs, with bald spot growing, getting hot and cranky, and generally done with the noise from the news. So this would be a great place for me at the moment, isolated in the middle of a Kansas prairie.

I think Kathy agrees, which is probably why she decided to give me a break for a few days and travel with her cousin through parts of Kansas, social distancing of course as they went. I had home projects to oversee and finish up anyway, and she was chomping at the bit for a road trip. Canceling our big summer adventure in the east was hard to do for Kathy, so I encouraged her to get out for a quick trip closer to home.

Kathy doesn't travel alone much, but since her cousin lives in Emporia she had at least 180 miles there and back by herself. Actually, anyone who knows Kathy realizes that's more like 300 miles in her world. Kathy tends to get off the beaten track, distracted by "squirrels" as I call 'em. Falling down barns in the middle of nowhere, windmills, ruins.. anything that looks like it could have an interesting history, regardless of how far off the track. That's probably how she got lost twice on the way home, and at least once on the way there, which included some offroading to get from a dirt road to a parking lot 100 yards away. I'm still cleaning the mud off the truck, while Kathy sits happily in her office going through all the pictures she took, and, for now, satisfied that she had at least a small adventure in July.

I'm sure we'll be back in the Land of Ahhhs soon, as we continue to improve our other website, Legends of Kansas. No worries though, we'll be adding more to our primary love, Legends of America, soon. In the meantime, we're eternally grateful for your support and encouragement, and hope you take time to enjoy the "squirrels".

Dave "How in the world did you get mud up there?" Alexander

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What's New on LOA

We are continuing our focus on our Legends of Kansas website during its remodel and expansion. We've added 14 new articles since our last newsletter. Here are 9 of those.

Grasshopper devastated field.

Grasshopper Plague of the Great Plains - (From our Legends Of Kansas website) An invasion of grasshoppers began in July 1874 when millions of insects, more accurately called Rocky Mountain locusts, descended on the Great Plains.

Cheyenne County, Kansas - (From our Legends Of Kansas website) Cheyenne County, Kansas, the most northwestern county in the state, was named for the Cheyenne Indians. The county has an altitude of over 3,000 feet and encompasses 1,020 square miles.

Marshall County Kansas - (From our Legends Of Kansas website) Marshall County’s rich history of the Oregon and Mormon Trails, the short-lived Pony Express, and pioneer settlements can still be seen at a number of historic sites and museums.

Frankfort, Kansas - (From our Legends Of Kansas website) The neighborhood, of which Frankfort became a primary trading point, was settled in 1855-56 by Free-State men from Ohio and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Lindsborg, Kansas - (From our Legends Of Kansas website) Lindsborg is known as "Little Sweden" and has hosted a biennial celebration called Svensk Hyllningsfest since 1941. It is held in October of odd-numbered years.

Potter - (From our Legends Of Kansas website) The building of Potter was the third and the most successful attempt to establish a town in the vicinity. The first attempt was at Mount Pleasant in 1854. It was one of the first towns started in Kansas, and established the first post office in Atchison County.

Muscotah - (From our Legends Of Kansas website) Like other small agricultural Kansas towns, Muscotah declined over the 20th century. Though it still maintains a post office and about 170 people, the village is filled with abandoned buildings.

Effingham - (From our Legends Of Kansas website) Prior to the establishment of the town, there was a settlement in the area for a number of years and was a flourishing trading point. A post office was allegedly established in this community in 1866.

Lancaster - (From our Legends Of Kansas website) Lancaster, Kansas, situated ten miles west of Atchison, just off U.S. Highway 73, got its start in 1857 and is one of the oldest towns in Atchison County.

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Did You Know?

Victoria Woodhull in the 1860s

One Hundred Years ago, on August 18, 1920, Tennessee became the 36th and deciding state to ratify the 19th Amendment, guaranteeing women the right to vote. It was a long haul to get there though, as Women's Suffrage had been debated for decades.

In fact, the first woman to run for President of the United States was Victoria Woodhull in 1872, however the powers that be made sure she didn't make it to the ballot that November.

Since that time there have been ten women who have garnered at least 40,000 votes in a Presidential election, including Hillary Clinton in 2016, who was the first woman to win a "Major Party" nomination, and although losing the Electoral vote, won the popular vote. And now, in 2020, one hundred years after the 19th Amendment was made law, the first woman to be nominated by the Libertarian Party, Dr. Jo Jorgensen will appear on most, if not all state ballots this November.

But it all started in the late 1800s, with the Equal Rights Party, paving the way with the nomination of the first female for President of the United States.

Read about Victoria Woodhull

Wild Bill Hickok & the Deadman's Hand

Bill Hickok

James Butler Hickok, better known as “Wild Bill“, was wagon master, soldier, scout, lawman, gunfighter, gambler, showman, and actor who was famous in the American West. He was murdered over a card game in Deadwood, South Dakota, on August 2, 1876.

Read Wild Bill Hickok & the Deadman’s Hand

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Medicine Bags or Bundles

Medicine Bags

A Native American medicine bag or medicine bundle is a container for items believed to protect or give spiritual powers to its owner. Varying in size, it could be small enough to wear around the neck or it could be a large bag with a long strap called a “bandolier.

Learn about Medicine Bags or Bundles

Prairie du Chien – Fur Trading Mecca

Prairie du Chien, 1830s

Prairie du Chien, as the western terminus of the Fox-Wisconsin portage, was a vital station on the route between Canada and the vast French-claimed heartland of North America. For more than a century the settlement was a base for French commercial exploitation of the entire region west of the Great Lakes.

Take a trip to Prairie du Chien Wisconsin

Popular Stories on Facebook

In case you missed it, here are some of the articles that have been popular on our Facebook Fan Pages recently.

Dyea Alaska

Dyea, Alaska – Ghost Town of the Klondike Gold Rush - In February 1978, the National Park Service bought much of the old townsite of Dyea, which is recognized as a National Historic Landmark. Today there is scant evidence that the town ever existed.

Illinois Tribe

Illinois Tribe of the Mississippi River Valley - The Illinois Confederation, also referred to as the Illiniwek or Illini, was a group of 12–13 Native American tribes who lived in the Mississippi River Valley, occupying an area from Lake Michigan to Iowa, Illinois, and south to Missouri and Arkansas.

Dodge City 1875

The Beginnings of Dodge City - For your morning coffee, Robert M. Wright, freighter, trader, farmer, stockman, merchant, and politician, writes about the beginnings of Dodge City in this 1913 historic text.

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