Subject: Legends of America Newsletter - April 2021

Part two of our 5,300-mile adventure, First Lady of Las Vegas, The shot heard round the world, Oklahoma Land Rush, and much more!

Legends of America Newsletter - April 2021

In this newsletter:

  • Wrapping up our 5,300-mile adventure

  • First Lady of Las Vegas

  • The shot heard round the world

  • Oklahoma Land Rush

and much more!

Latest from our world

We're back in Missouri, busily adding stories from our two-month journey. What a ride it was too, with some lessons learned...

Unknown roads into the mountains can be a little tricky, and maps don't always show that.

Dry camping is fine for a day or two, not for a 4 day weekend with campground quiet times, especially when you are in a different timezone.

If I'm from Missouri (Central Timezone), and in Nevada (Pacific Timezone), leaving for Northern AZ (WTF Timezone) on the day of the time change, passing through Utah (Mountain Timezone), you will travel through the Twilight Zone.

Here's part two of our Winter '21 Adventure through parts of 9 states.

Statue of Rabbit in Boulder City

Giant Rabbits and an Off-Road Nail Biter in Nevada - Aliens, Ghosts of Lake Meade, Valley of Fire, and venturing on to roads of adventure.

New articles from this segment:

  • Ghosts of Lake Mead – Lake Mead National Recreation Area provides numerous recreation areas, but water levels are creating “ghosts” in lost cities, places, people, & buildings.

  • Extraterrestrial Highway & Area 51– Stretching between Crystal Springs and at Warm Springs, Nevada for about 98 miles, the Extraterrestrial Highway, officially known as State Route 375, closely parallels the northern edges of the Nellis Air Force Range, commonly known as Area 51.

Pipe Spring National Monument

Caliente to Pipe Spring with Iron Town In-between - We explored more ghost towns in Nevada and Utah, went on another unknown road adventure, stayed on the Paiute Reservation, and said goodbye to a special furry friend.

New articles from this segment:

Monument Valley

Do you know the way to Santa Fe? - From Pipe Spring National Monument to Santa Fe, we journeyed through more amazing scenery and American History on our final leg of the Winter '21 Journey.

New articles from this segment:

  • Aztec Ruins National Monument – Aztec Ruins National Monument, located in San Juan County, New Mexico, contains the remains of prehistoric Ancestral Puebloan (Anasazi) structures.

  • Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico– The Jemez Pueblo in north-central New Mexico is the last remaining pueblo of the Towa-speaking people.

All in all, it was a great adventure, even with the snow and sad parts. We're already looking ahead to our next adventures this year.

Cya on the Road!


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More What's New on LOA

We added a few other articles related and not related to our recent travel.

Lowell, Arizona

The Rise & Fall of Lowell, Arizona – Lowell, Arizona a small neighborhood Bisbee features a restored mid-century street that is a photographer’s dream.

Ocate, New Mexico – Ocate, New Mexico is an unincorporated community and near ghost town in Mora County located on the Santa Fe Trail.

Clifton House, New Mexico– The Clifton House, an important overnight stage stop on the Mountain Branch of the Santa Fe Trail, was located on the Canadian River about six miles south of Raton, New Mexico.

Tiptonville, New Mexico – Extinct on the Santa Fe Trail– Tiptonville, New Mexico, located just northwest of Watrous, was once an independent town that serviced travelers and traders along the Santa Fe Trail.

May, Oklahoma Ghost Town – May, Oklahoma is a semi-ghost town in southern Harper County, that got its start after the Cherokee Outlet Opening of 1893.

Las Vegas Auction 1905

Helen J. Stewart: First Lady Of Las Vegas – (From author Anthony Dee Varrone) Helen Stewart played a key role in the development of Las Vegas, Nevada, and is dubbed the First Lady of Vegas for her lasting contributions.

The Charleston Tea Parties – (by Jordan Baker) Boston was not the first to oppose the importation of highly taxed tea. Charleston, South Carolina was the first colonial port to oppose Britain’s tea tax.

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Did You Know?

Yankee Doodle Dandy

April 19, 1775, in what is dubbed "The shot heard round the world", the American Revolutionary War begins at Lexington, Massachusetts, setting the course for a new, free nation.

Read about the American Revolution

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Oklahoma Land Rush of 1889

Oklahoma Land Rush

In this historic text from 1903, author James Cox writes about the infamous Oklahoma Land Rush, April 22, 1889.

"Truth is often much stranger than fiction, and the story of the invasion of Oklahoma reads like one long romance."

Read "The Invasion of Oklahoma"

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Sego Canyon, Utah

Sego Canyon – History & Ancient History - Sego, UT, got its start in the early 1890s when Harry Ballard discovered coal on land adjacent to his ranch. Keeping his discovery a secret, he began to buy the adjacent property and started coal operations on a small scale.


The Ute Tribe – Roaming the Rockies - When European explorers and settlers first pushed westward, the Ute occupied the entire central and west portions of Colorado, and the east portion of Utah, and the upper portion of the San Juan region of New Mexico.

Simon Kenton

Simon Kenton – Frontiersman and Soldier - Born April 3, 1755, Simon Kenton was a legendary frontiersman and soldier in West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio.

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What our Readers are saying:

Very good, learned a lot that I never knew. As a retired UP employee I’m very interested in the Salt Lake Route history. Bob (Ref: Caliente - Steeped in Railroad History)

So grateful this article was out there for me to find! We just drove by March 21, 2020 and it is still standing. I wanted to stop and look around so badly! I settled for a Google search instead. Kristen (Ref: The Mystery of Eagle Nest Lodge, New Mexico)

When I was a boy in the 1950’s I use to go out to the Adobe Walls and recreate buffalo hunts and fighting “wild Indians”. In 2019 I took my wife to see the adobe sight. Being there brought back great memories of being a young cowboy out of Sunray, Texas. Dangerous Dave (Ref: Adobe Walls, Texas – Buffalo & Battles)

Fascinating and interesting article, thank you for sharing! Bubba (Ref: The True Account of William “Bloody Bill” Anderson)

Sad he was treated so poorly when he saved the lives of his men and allowed them to go on to fight another day. Sometimes the right decision by leaders isn’t rewarded fully. This should cause any of us to look back on history with an open mind. Thanks for posting this story. Josh (Ref: Marcus Reno – Indian Fighter at the Battle of the Little Bighorn)

Hi Dave & Kathy, Steve here from Little Old England, Hampshire on the South Coast to be exact. Just a note to say how much I love your site and EVERYTHING included on it.

History of the Native Indians,

History of the iconic Outlaws, who were far less glamorous than their film counterparts,

History of the towns that grew up during the migration West,

Rout 66,

The Gold Rush,

The Cattle Drives and Cowboys associated with them,

Your On Line Shop, complete with memorabilia etc.

Please keep up the good work, as there are lots of your admirers out there.

Kind Regards,

Steve, Hampshire, UK.

I always enjoy your emails, but this one in particular caught my eye as you mentioned you’d been through Apache Junction. We’ve lived here for a little more than five years now, and love it. Goldfield is about four miles away, and we go there and to the Superstition Mt. Museum quite often. We full-time RVed for eight years, and I did workamping, and that’s how we discovered AJ. Have fun on the road and keep it between the lines! Alice

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